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  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    Enterprise Resource Planning

    TigernixERP is a Singapore ERP with modules like web accounting, customer management, inventory management, material requirements planning (MRP) , project management, purchase management, warehouse management, point of sales, supply chain management software.

    Online/Web accounting software with General Ledger, account payable, account receivable modules. Conform to Singapore GST taxes. Suitable for small business accounting. Online/web inventory management software. Online/web quotation and sales management. And More.
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  • School Management System

    School Management System

    TigernixSMS is a Singapore based School Management System that is a friendly end-to-end software that provides easy management of students, classroom- booking, parents management and finance management functions for collages and schools.

    Student / Children or Parent Relationship Management Software. School Finance and Account Management. Training / Students Management. Staff and Teacher Management/ HR Management. Online Enrolment Management. And More.
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  • Project Management System

    Project Management System

    TigernixProject is a Singapore web based software for project management that is designed for interior designers, architects and construction management. It consists of the Project Customer Relationship Management software, Project Finance and Account Management, Project Human Resource Management,Inventory management and Purchase management.

    Project Relationship Management Software. Project Finance and Account Management. Project Human Resource Management. Projects Web Portal. Project Inventory Management. Project Purchase Management. Project and Tasks Management.
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  • Customer Relationship Management

    Customer Relationship Management

    Tigernix’s Singapore Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an online customer, marketing and service support software that allows you to build on your existing and new customer relationships systematically.

    Single platform to manage company's internal processes. Sales force automation. On premise CRM. Customizable software features. CRM Call Centre. Business intelligence CRM. ipad CRM supported.
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  • Energy Trading and Risk Management

    Energy Trading and Risk Management

    Commodities are fundamental to the operation of the societies and to this world. Commodities are bought and sold on a world wide basis in trading environment. Trading processes are subject to all the risk and fluctuations that can be caused by various events in businesses and societies.

    Smarter buying process. Automated invoice validation. Real time market price integration. Automated tax management. Automated scheduling and matching of movements. Risk Management. And More
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