Ten Things to Note When Investing a School Management System

School management systems gained popularity mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the concept of a school management system has existed for a long time in the name of school information systems. Similar to school management systems, a school information system’s primary role was to streamline the administrative tasks of education institutes. It essentially makes it easy for the school to keep track of financial, academic, and extracurricular records. With time, however, the features of a school management system have broadened from providing access to lecture notes online to using it as a tool to build meaningful relations with parents. 

Post-COVID, educational institutes have recognised the importance of incorporating such a solution into their operations and have been on the hunt for the perfect school management system. Hence, today, a school management system has become a mandatory software solution for educational institutes worldwide. With the number of software vendors in the market, a common question often asked is how they know what a good school management system solution is. This article intends to help educational institutes find the correct answer by directing the reader to ten points.

Ten Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Investing in a School Management System

It should be noted at the outset that the right solution for an institution will depend on a range of factors. Remember that blindly adopting software another educational institute has adopted may not be the right call. All prospective consumers must research and determine which software solution is most effective. Regardless of the solution vendor an institute chooses, here are ten questions that need to be asked before making a decision. 

Can You Customise It?

Certain school management systems brands only include a specific set of modules. While most may be relevant as they are generic, as a company with unique goals and processes, certain specifications will be availed through such solutions. Hence, consider whether the solution is customisable rather than investing in a solution that satisfies the educational institute’s wishes halfway.  This is generally indicated in software solutions that offer multiple modules, providing various choices for consumers.  

How Strong Are the Security Protocols?

Security fears could be one reason an educational institution may be this late to implement a school management system. Since the software of this kind will be the heart of school operations, it is valid to have such concerns. From student records to finances and employees’ personal information, a school management system will have sensitive information. It is in this regard the reputation of the software vendor becomes relevant. Consider going on different websites and checking for security features included in the system. Cross-checking its strength with technical experts is one way to guarantee that the software vendor’s solution is reliable.

Does It Provide Remote Access?

When the workload is high, many employees prefer to have access to work-related details to complete work from wherever they are. Alternatively, when a lecturer or administrative staff member is out on holiday, they can check on work matters only if they can access it through any digital mobile or laptop. Providing a school management system that can be accessed remotely is a modern feature that is hugely beneficial. Security can be assured by ensuring only authorised personnel access it and encrypting a limited number of personal devices if required.

Will You Need a Technical Team to Operate It?

The entire point of a school management system is to streamline all administrative tasks. The underlying reason is not just to ensure the school is on top of everything but also to cut down on unnecessary expenses and budget finances for each term. Hence, a school may be reluctant to invest in a team to handle software that integrates all departments. A good software solution provides a user-friendly interface that provides an easy onboarding experience.

Is The Software Vendor’s Customer Service Good?

Even if the software solution is user-friendly, it is not uncommon to encounter problems or require guidance, training or further services from the software vendor. A software vendor confident in its solutions and guarantees to meet advanced standards will have good customer service. To test out how good a software vendor’s customer service is, the respective person should use the enquiry option before purchasing the solution. Consider how patient and friendly the staff is, and whether they give the necessary attention and an excellent answer to your questions. Also got through reviews the company has received, specifically those who may have attempted to communicate with them after purchasing the solution. Having a good customer service that is ready to answer and help you in the long term means an educational institute will receive its money’s worth.

Is It Futuristic?

Modern school management systems are not limited to managing data. They additionally provide insightful reports. This, in other words, considers flaws in an educational institute and suggests new methods of improvement. Such solutions also can assess industrial standards that change with time and ensure the institute stays compliant. The detailed reports produced in this regard are data-driven insights that are reliable and that the management of an educational institute can use to make informed decisions.

Will Updates Erase Data?

Any good solution does not remain static. Depending on the new features in the industry, chances are the software vendor will update its solutions to include those aspects. However, some worry whether updating can cause complications or, worse, result in erasing data. Asking these questions from a software vendor ensures that they are liable in case the unlikely happens. A good software vendor can schedule updates at their convenience and not lead to any complications. 

Does It Automate Mundane Processes Accurately?

With technological advancement, automation is a key aspect of any digital solution. This includes solutions such as school management systems. What is essential is for each repetitive task to be done error-free. If, for example, students’ records do not automate once an online transaction of their fees is made, it would create unnecessary trouble. The problem would moreover will, not be detected until the student or parents confirms that it has been made when subjected to restrictions. This will be a significant reason for an educational institute to be reviewed negatively. It is, therefore, vital that the software vendor guarantees automation to be reliable consistently throughout the years.

Does It Support Complex Relationships?

A school management has different departments. From finances, academics, extracurriculars, and others, certain relationships should be accessible to several department. This indicates that the relationships in an institution are not straightforward. Data must be made accessible to different complex relationships, and the school management system should be able to handle them. If not, it will result in inaccurate information being shared that will not be reliable.

Can It Adapt To Your Changing Demands?

While an education institute may require specific features during the purchase period, they may require adding more or removing certain modules in the future. A good software solution should provide this flexibility without affecting any data. In other words, a solution should be scalable. This is specifically relevant to educational institutes that hope to expand their services and branch out to other regions. The solution should provide the possibility of updating its features to meet the institute’s changing demands to handle the larger amount of data that will be processed.

TigernixSMS: Recognised to Be One of the Best in Singapore

TigernixSMS is a multi-module software solution recognised as one of Singapore’s best software vendors. It is a web-based online system that can customise its modules depending on your individual needs and requirements. An ideal solution to help manage finances, student progress reports, assessments, registration and more, TigernixSMS was made to help educational institutes to curtail any problem. It merges all departments into one central platform, offering a single communication platform. One of the critical reasons Tigernix is recognised in the country is due to hold a reputation that guarantees data protection. 

Here are some of the key features included in TigernixSMS:
  • Student / Children or Parent Relationship Management Software
  • School Finance and Account Management
  • Training / Students Management
  • Staff and Teacher Management/ HR Management
  • Online Registration Management
  • Examination / Result Management / Assignments Management
  • Course Management Software
  • Classroom Management / Timetable Management
  • Student Administration System
  • Online School Portal Software
  • Feedback / Survey Management
  • School Store Inventory Management Software
  • School Purchase Management
  • Online Examination Management System
If unsure what modules should be incorporated into your school management system, connect with our in-house experts. Our friendly staff will help you recognise the problems behind the backlog of your current administrative workload and customise TigernixSMS to fix them directly. 

Take Your Time When Searching for The Right Software Solution

Finding the right solution is not easy. Your team should dedicate ample time to research which solutions vendor offers the best solution. It is better to compile a list of modules you require in the solution and what you expect in a school management system. This can be the guideline that directs you to find your ideal solution. Converse with other educational institutes, technical professionals or experts to get the best advice when finding the correct answer. After all, one software vendor will help you unlock many benefits with just one software solution.