Premium nutrition and lifestyle products provider improves business efficiency with Tigernix eCommerce solution

The Client

The client offers premium nutrition and lifestyle products and services.
The Business Challenge

  1. Without a Content Management System, the client was not able to make simple content and design changes to the website. Updating the website became an issue, and regular information did not go up on time. This lowered the effectively of the website as a sales and marketing tool of the business. They had to rely on outsourcing the management of the website, which became a costly affair.
  2. Since the website did not have an ecommerce system, the client was not able to sell its products and services online, thereby limiting its target market.
  3. Without a Customer Relationship Management system, the client did not have a consolidated process to maintain customer data. Errors in data often occurred due to the manual processes utilised, and not every department had the same information, since the data was not web based.
  4. Without a health profiling system, the client was not able to offer advanced health services to the customers. These include providing information such as health score, illness and symptoms, diet and nutrition, lifestyle requirements, etc.
The Solution

Keeping the above challenges in mind, Tigernix proposed the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, eCommerce, Content Management System (CMS), and a Health Profiling System.
Business Benefits

Content Management System
  1. Efficiency: General content changes can be easily done in-house with no outsourcing requirement. The need for a web master is minimised after initial set up. Documents can be easily maintained and published by more than one person.
  2. Speed: Editing is controlled and authorised but is all done within the system. No paperwork needed. Skill requirements are minimised after initial installation, therefore there is no lengthy learning curve.
  3. Motivation: Authors and editors can focus on content – they do not need to understand or deal with technicalities. Changes can be done fast – reducing the boredom factor and improving work efficiency. Content rich sites are easy to create and entire levels of complexities are removed from the user’s work process.
  4. Extended “shelf life”: A database-driven content management approach allows a site to be improved incrementally simply by making changes to design, look and feel or structure of site templates. The typical shelf life of a website is somewhere between two to three years and then they are often discarded. CMS sites avoid this by separating content from presentation. Content management allows future redesigns to the client’s site without having to reformat existing and archived content.
  5. Avoids the “loss of opportunity”: Because CMS sites are easily adaptable, one can implement new ideas even after it has been completed. Site-wide changes such as adding new sections, implementing extranets, or a host of other options can be easily done.

  1. Available 24/7: Customers can place an order twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.
  2. Efficient use of time: Ordering via Electronic Marketplaces means customers only have to enter order once in the purchasing system.
  3. Worry-free: Instant order confirmation lets customers know immediately that the order has been received.
  4. Increased order accuracy: By having an accurate electronic catalogue, there are far fewer ordering discrepancies so orders are received more quickly.
Customer Relationship Management
  1. Gives a 360-degree view of the customer: The client can be aware of every targeted marketing activity, customer complaint, and sales history before picking up the phone.
  2. Improved targeting of marketing campaign activities, allowing the client to spend marketing budget wisely
  3. Improved cross-selling and up-selling
  4. Identification of potential sales opportunities
  5. Initiates additional communication between marketing, sales, and support departments
  6. Measures customer value and differentiates high-value customers from the rest
  7. Anticipates customer needs based on sales history
  8. Improves customer service responsiveness when handling customer questions or concerns
  9. Being web-enabled, CRM can reduce the cost of handling customer orders by more than 50%
  10. Ability to measure individual and company-wide metrics
  11. Health Profiling System
  12. Provides overall health score and the ability to track health progress
  13. A prioritised list of nutrients and which foods you can find them in
  14. A detailed explanation of how your symptoms show what’s good for you
  15. Your priority lifestyle and eating intake changes and how they can make a difference
  16. Your top 20 Foods and information on how to buy, prepare, cook and store them
  17. Important food group reductions and additions to balance your intake
  18. The most important herbs, spices and herbal teas for you
  19. Recipes which have been selected for you based on your Top 20 foods list