Tigernix eCommerce solution radically changes fitness program organiser’s business

The Client

The client organises training, sport clinics, seminars/workshops, fitness assessment, certifications, sports and fitness programmes and design health and wellness programmes for corporate and the communities.
The Business Challenge

  1. Since the client did not have a Content Management System adding, editing and deletion of content pages was not easy.
  2. The design of the website cannot be “broken’ or altered by any content author. All content and links are not automatically generated.
  3. The website was static for long periods of time since the updating of data was not done regularly and easily. Fresh content rarely came up on the website.
  4. Since content was maintained manually, additional software was required, raising costs in the process.
  5. Changing the design of the website affected the content.
The Solution

Tigernix proposed the implementation of a CRM, eCommerce, and CMS solution to fulfil the requirements of the client. The Content Management System offered by Tigernix is an easy to use tool that allows easy addition, editing, and deletion of content. Combined with the ecommerce system, the client gets a truly dynamic website with up-to-date data and convenient online sales.
Since the website is maintained through a web browser, managing the content and making changes can be done from anywhere.
Business Benefits

  1. Shared or distributed data
  2. A CRM system is an enabler for making informed decisions and follow-up, on all the different levels.
  3. Cost reduction
  4. Better Customer Service. All data concerning interactions with customers is centralized. The customer service department can greatly benefit from this, because they have all the information they need at their fingertips. The customer experience is greatly enhanced.
  5. Increased Customer Satisfaction. The customer feels that he is more “part of the team” instead of just a subject for sales and marketing (the proverbial number), customer service is better, his needs are anticipated.
  6. Better Customer Retention: If a CRM system can help to enchant customers, this will increase customer loyalty, and they will keep coming back to buy again and again, hence customer retention.
  7. Loyal customers
  8. More repeat business
  9. More new business: If the client is delivering the ultimate customer experience, this will seed the word-of-mouth buzz, which will spawn more new business.
  10. More Profit! More business at lower cost equals more profit.
  11. Introduce Another Channel To Market: The business web site can take orders 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and is readily accessible to customers all over the world. A successful business web site can produce a highly profitable revenue stream.
  12. Lower the Cost of Order Processing
  13. No Physical Space Limitations
  14. Buy and Sell Quicker: Requirements, brochures, quotations, purchase orders, delivery schedules, etc., can be eMailed within seconds to suppliers and customers all over the world. The whole process of buying and selling can be made much more efficient and responsive using eMails.
  15. Exchange and Share Data Across the World
  16. Update Employees Instantly With New Policies or Procedures
  17. Hold Web Meetings (Data Conferencing)
  18. Use the Internet to Improve Business Administration
  19. Introduce Collaborative Working: With fast, reliable, and cheap eCommerce communications, it is possible for colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners, to use collaborative working practices to manage, share, and enhance project work, regardless of location. One-click batch geocoding of listings worldwide
  20. Restrict total search results (block data mining)
  21. Creates downloadable Google Earth KML files in listings
  22. Supports overview Google Map on results page
  23. Supports multiple search modules