If you heard of a teacher who let their students grade their assessment 20 years ago, you would brush it off, thinking it’s a joke. From the beginning of the formal education field, it was believed that assessments and grading are the responsibilities of teachers and only them.

However, in the past few years, self- grading and self-assessment theories are two topics, educators have taken seriously. Self- grading and self- assessment in education have become popular topics. And many teachers around the world do not hesitate to try out regardless of how much of the controversial concepts they are when considering the typical teaching methods.  

Behaviour management is hard in the classroom. And this gets even harder when it is a special education classroom. 

You may deal with kids with autism, speech and language disabilities, emotional disturbances, other health impaired like ADHD in your class. And managing their behaviour may feel like the most significant challenge in the class, no matter how long your experience as a special ed teacher or how well you connect with the kids.

In this article, we are looking at ways to provide you with the most effective classroom management strategies for students with learning disabilities in a special education classroom.

Social Media has become one of the major platforms in the world, which is accessed daily by people belonging to all the age groups. Based on recent research, these platforms have found out that most of the people who access social media are the youth. With the advancement of technology, accessing social media is at the fingertip of everyone, so most of the school children enjoy spending time on the renowned social media platforms. 

Every organization receives visitors. Yet not many organizations manage visitors effectively.

Visitor management is essential for any organization as its one of the main ways you can make an excellent first impression to your clients, guests, and to the public. Thus, having proper visitor management in place is critical. 

One of the top tools that can help you improve your visitor management is an excellent visitor management system. In this article, we share what a visitor management system is and how it can help you refine your visitor management in your organization. Let’s dive in.

Invoices are often shared in businesses. Whether you are doing business with your local laundry service or with your ERP solution vendor, you deal with invoices. 

Many may have an idea of what is an invoice. Yet, do you know the importance of generating invoices in a business?

Invoices play an essential role in every business. Here we share what exactly an invoice is and its purposes.