Components of a school management system is a topic that will definitely come up when you are going to purchase a school management system for your institute. Thus it’s important that you have a clear understanding of what are the main components of a school management system and what would be ideal to have in the system you purchase.

A good school management system will help you in saving costs, streamlining your operations and improving and efficiency and much more. With the rapid technological development, school management systems are getting more advanced and fancier day by day. So a good knowledge of components of a school management system will help you select what’s absolutely necessary for your institute saving you money.

Here is a list of important components of a school management system that will help you manage your school better.

Admission/ Registration

One of the most important components of a school management system is a good admission and registration component. Admission and registration process can be cumbersome for almost every educational institute – No matter it’s something you do very often. 

The features include in a school management system will help you smoothly manage the admission and registration of both new and old students. From collecting information, validating documents, receipt generation to course enrollment this component automates everything for you.

Usually, the admission component of a school management system offers you online admission management facilities. Meaning your institution will be able to accept admissions online, enabling students to apply for your courses right from their home.

The digital signature feature of the system will help with the document signing process making it quick and easy. Some of the other very useful features that will help you with admission and registration are

  • Admission inquiry
  • Admission Form
  • Convert inquiry into confirmation
  • Direct link with student management
  • Admission follow up details

These features will help you get rid of all the paperwork involved with the process saving you not just time but money too.


Tracking payments and managing fees is another area every educational institute struggle to keep up with. Thus fee management component of a school management system has become one of the main key factors for schools that decides whether a system is right for them or not.

A good system should take care of all the fees and payments related processes, so you have lesser manual work left to do. It will allow your students to pay for courses online while offering you easy solutions to manage the transaction from start to end. 

Fee management features of a school management system will manage from invoice generation to account and finance handling digitally- so you won’t have to always use pen and paper.

The component will make payment tracking management only a few clicks away. Thus enabling you to track and see who’ve already paid and who’s behind in payments showcasing the payment history of each student in one place. Apart from that fee management component of a school management system will include, 

  • Advanced fee setup for multiple fee category with deposit
  • Student wise concession/Addition
  • Multi receipt book configuration
  • Auto fee receipt generation
  • Auto SMS alert on payment
  • Mapping with Account
  • Reports generation 


The age of doing assessments with pen and paper is long gone. Now, you can offer online assessments for all your students no matter how many courses you are offering, batches you enroll per year or grades or classes your institute maintain. 

A well-developed school management system should have features that enable teachers to publish assessments online and students to submit them online once done. The feature enables teachers to decide the deadlines and submission dates.

With this, students will have all the details of assessments for all the subjects they are following in one place and teachers will have access to all the assessments they’ve assigned to all the classes they teach with a click. Also, the system will allow you to publish marks for each assessment online. 

This will help you both the parties to keep in track with the deadlines and assignment progress. 

Some of the features come in a school management system to help you with assessment management are 

  • Support all board pattern (CBSE, ICSE, IB and state board)
  • CCE pattern
  • Combine exam and marks converter
  • Fully user-defined mark-sheet generator with 40+ inbuilt design
  • Statistical, chart & graphic reports


Managing and accessing the academics of all the courses you offer is a lot of work. But if the academics component of your school management system is good you will be easily able to streamline academic related processes and tasks involved for higher efficiency. 

A school management system will have features that allow teachers to schedule lessons for each class, assign homework, share resources, update marks each student obtain at each test, exam, assignment and more online. Thus it will be easier for teachers, students as well as parents to update with the lessons and daily work of the classroom. 

The system also enables the administration to share the academic improvement with students and parents allowing more parents get a good idea about their child’s academic performance of the semester or the year right from their digital screen.

  • Update completed lesson
  • Assign homework
  • Organize lesson plan
  • Syllabus scheduling
  • Online portals for teachers and students


Relationship management is another area institutes struggle a lot. A school management system comes with a student portal, teacher portal, staff portal and parent portal enabling easy communication. 

The student portal allows students to share their questions and get answers from teachers and peers making the education experience more collaborative while the staff portal and teacher portal make it easy to collaborate among departments.

The parent portal enables busy parents to get more involved with their child’s education as the portal enables parents to access student’s attendance report, academic reports and many more online. 

Plus, the system gives parents direct communication access with teachers. Thus, every parent will be able to know everything happening in the school even they have no time to attend to parent’s meetings.

These are some of the important components of a school management system that you need to consider thoroughly when investing in a school management system.