A student management system is not a luxury anymore but a necessity for educational institutes who are striving to venture into the next level in their business. The system is one of the top revolutions in technology in the education sector that can reap you many benefits.

It will monitor the performance of education programs offered by the institute and manage the distribution and allocation of educational resources. Below are the six main features of a student management system that can transform your school. 


The admission process is very overwhelming for all educational institutes. The process can involve a lot of paperwork which can stress out the staff as well as students. 

With a student information system, you can automate your admission process, enabling students to enrol for courses even from their home through your website. So, you will no longer have to manage racks and racks of files. With instance search feature comes in the admission modules, finding a profile of a student or record will only be a click away. 


Keeping track of participation of all your students in every class they attend to is a lot of work. And when this done manually, a few minutes of the valuable time of the period will waste. A student information system can manage the attendance of classes on your behalf automatically for each period. It also generates attendance reports on a monthly basis, annual basis…etc. As required by the administration. 


The assessment takes a considerable amount of time of teachers and students in every semester. The assessment features of a student information system help you improve your assessment process automating most of the work. The system will let teachers display all the assessments online for each class so the students can access them anytime anywhere and submit their work online once done. 

Grading assessment also can be automated. This will save many work hours of teachers that they can spend on helping students with their materials. 


From timetables, classrooms to exam dates, the system will enable the administrators, as well as teachers, plan and schedule classes easily. It allows you to create plans and share them with other stakeholders so other departments can view the schedules and plans and provide what’s necessary to the success of the programs. 

Parent Management

With the busy paced lifestyle and busy schedules, parents keep getting distant from their child’s education even if they want to be more involved in the process. The system ensures such parents a better way to keep in touch with their child’s education. 

A student information system will share the academic progress of their child and their performance at the school with parents enabling parents to keep a close track of their child’s progress. 

Fees and Debt

The system allows you to manage, monitor and track course fees, discounts, financial aid programs offered by the institute. With this finding out who has already paid and who’s behind payment and which students are in the financial aid programs will be only a few clicks away.