Donors are not the only party important for a non-profit organization but the volunteers who donate their time as well. 

So, it’s not false to say that they are the backbone of a non-profit organization in ensuring the cohesiveness in the coordination of the volunteering work. This is the reason every non-profit organization should pay their attention to improving volunteer management.

Here we’ve listed 8 best practices for managing your volunteers of your non-profit organization.

Hiring the right ones
When hiring volunteers for your organization recruiting people who understand the values of your organization and aware of the volunteering philosophy are essential. Trustworthiness, respect for organization’s resources and problem-solving skills are few things you can look for when you are hiring volunteers.

Valuing the role of volunteers 
Volunteers are important just as your donors for your non-profit organization. So, make sure to value their service and give them the respect they deserve and make them a priority of your organization. Make sure to let them know and feel how much important their contribution to the organization more often.

Policies and procedures
Without any clear policies and procedures, no organization can do a good job in management. Adhering clear standards, creating rules and systems to operate and manage resources help you manage your volunteers more effectively.  

Stay in contact
Regular contact with your volunteers, especially when they are in field work will give them more comfort and confidence to act in the new job role. This will make them less nervous to do their job which will lead to a better job done.

Providing supervision
Regular supervision is an easy way to make sure the volunteers have the same understanding of the assigned tasks as the organization.  This also will ensure you that all the assignments are conducting within the boundaries. Check in with your volunteers more often and give your feedback and let them know that they have the opportunity to discuss if there are any concerns anytime.

A good motivation can improve the work efficiency in a great deal. Having your volunteers appreciated for what they are doing with positive feedback and encouraging and recognising them for their work and time, can help your volunteers perform better. For this, you can have an awarding system or a recognizing publication programmes like newsletters and magazines.

Training the volunteers
Giving your long-term working volunteers, a training can improve the work quality and confident in working in high-risk jobs.  This also will improve the efficiency of the volunteer job roles as well.  Design training programs which can execute with the lowest budget yet effective enough to make a difference.

Having Volunteer Management System
Above them all, having Volunteer Management System, our software solution specially designed for non-profit and charity organizations can help you simplify your volunteer management process. From registration, volunteer profiles to recognition management the software will record and track everything for you within seconds. Not only for volunteer management the software will help you manage many other areas of your organization. 

Try above practices for better volunteer management and enjoy a thriving non-profit organization.