POS or Point of Sale systems is becoming quite popular among businesses- Especially among retail businesses. 

But is it only a retail business that can benefit from a POS? In this article, we share 8 different industries that can benefit from a POS system. 

1. Fashion retail 

Fashion retail businesses have their own set of challenges. From inventory handling, stock management, store floor operations, Fashion retail businesses deal with an ongoing set of challenges on a daily basis. 

A POS will enable you to manage all the aspect of your business with ease simplifying your operations. It will store all your data in one centralized hub so it won’t take more than a click for you to get updates on your stocks, orders, inventory, sales, popular products and more. You will be able to integrate receipt printers, bar code readers, payment processes, label printers and cash drawers and more with the system which allow you to manage, organize and monitor every aspect of your business seamlessly.   

2. Bars /Restaurants

Whether you are running a restaurant, café, bar, tavern, pub or a night club, a POS system can do wonders for your business.

It will help your bartenders and waiters keep track of the who’s and when’s and what’s while fastening up to the ordering process with its special features. The POS will minimize the risk of unpaid tabs at the end of the night while allowing you to manage your menu of the day. 

Plus, the system will offer you better inventory visibility thus you will know what you are running low on with a glace. The system will improve the overall customer experience of the place enabling you to deliver your clients a simpler, faster, smoother and hassle-free service. 

3. Electronics 

Electronic stores are another type of business that can benefit from a POS system. 

One of the main challenges such businesses face is their inability to keep track of inventory, sales and receipts, especially when you have more than one store. A POS system capable of managing all these seamlessly providing you with details on every item from stock price, colour, stock availability, purchase details and more. 

Thus, you will be able to manage your store with more ease and improved efficiency. The system will let you know busiest hours, popular products and your best spenders as well, enabling you to be prepared for the day while allowing you to identify your frequent clients and offer them better prices. 

4. Fragrance / Cosmetics 

A POS can refine and redefine the way you operate your cosmetic and fragrance store. 

To find out and pull out the right shade number of lipsticks and foundations is one of the many struggles cosmetic stores face, leaving customers to wait for long. But with a POS system, you will be able to organize and track products easily making the store experience for your clients seamless. 

Plus, it will help you keep track of your inventory and help you in implementing customer loyalty programs by keeping an easily accessible customer history. 

5. Hotels

A good POS system can reap many benefits to hotels while streamlining many operations. It will take care of your transactions, inventory, meals, extra charges, guest history, length of the stay and more ensuring your clients a seamless arrival and departure without any delays or disturbances. 

For an example, the system will allow you to handle check-ins and check-outs automatically giving you quick access to data, thus your guests won’t have to wait for so long till their rooms are ready when check-in. This also will enable you to make the check-in and check-out process paperless making everything simple and easy for both the hotel and the client.

6. Travel agencies 

People always expect travel agencies to be fast, accurate, effective and efficient and a POS system help you do just that. 

With the features of a POS system, you will be able to handle all your customer front operations more seamlessly. From reservations, quotations to payment processes all will be automated enabling you to manage everything right from your screen. 

The system will also offer features that let you add your tour packages and even customize them making it easy for you to deliver your clients the holiday of their dream. 

With quotation management feature you will be able to create quotation easier than ever before as the system will provide you with all the details on the different aspects and factors you need to consider when creating a quotation with a click of a button. 

7. E-commerce  

Many businesses use e-commerce stores to increase their sales. Whether you sell clothes, jewellery, furniture, electronics or home decors online, a POS can take your online business to the next level offering your customers a more seamless customer experience helping your business to stand out from the rest of your competition. 

Once you integrate a POS system with your E-commerce platform you will be able to manage your sales and orders coming from all the different online channels, inventory to payment processing and more. It will automate your processes reducing manual data entries while providing you with customer data and notifying customers and you with the status of the order. 

8. Salons

Whether it’s a hair salon, nail salon or a beauty salon, the right POS system will help you transform your business completely making operations seamlessly while enabling you to deliver your clients a hassle-free service experience. 

The system will let you integrate appointments while enabling you to manage your sales and transactions in a well-organized manner. Thus you’ll be able to make your salon paper-free. 

The system will automate your operations delivering you client information & history and behaviours in one place so you can offer loyalty programs to your frequent clients and understand your clients better. Plus, it will help you manage the products you sell at the salon.

Today a POS is much more than a system that helps you complete a point of a sale transaction. A modern POS system will have the capability to control inventory, purchase, receive and transfer products and much more. 

Thus, if your business also can benefit from a POS system find your place a good POS system like TigernixPOS, that can adapt to your work environment easily and effectively.