LMS and TMS are two acronyms in the software solution industry that even leave the best techies of training management centres in a little bit of confusion.

If you are looking for new software solutions for your educational centre to take your business to the next level and debating on what’s the difference between an LMS and TMS and what’s the best fit for my business… You will find a solid answer for your question in this post.  

What is an LMS?

Learning management system or LMS is a software solution designed to offer a web-based learning experience to your students. Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the training programs, the software helps your students access all the learning materials, training sessions, and assessments in one place. An LMS can store, track and report on learning and training which will help you tremendously in tracking your student attendance and progress and overall course progress right from your screen.

Collaborative Learning Tools, User Portal, Trainee Tracking Management, Assessment Management, User Access Control, Test Scoring and Grading and  Trainee Behaviour Tracking are some of the features comes with an LMS software.

Benefits of an LMS

  • Easy learning experience - The system allows your students to find all the learning materials and assessments in one place and access anytime anywhere.
  • Easy student tracking - As the software comes with advanced tracking tools, you can see how many students are following each course, each of their progress and more with a click of a button.
  • Easy collaboration - With online forum feature of an LMS enables your students and teachers collaborate easily.

What is a TMS?

A Training Management System is a modern tool which helps you in managing all your back-office tasks of your training centre. This includes managing your courses, students, employees, resources, finances and more. What’s special being the LMS module comes with the TMS, the software helps businesses tackle all the learning management and administration operations with one software. TMS is a modular software comes with functional modules such as Student Management, Finance Management, HR Management, Registration Management, Online Trainee Portal, Inventory Management and more.

Benefits of a TMS

  • Saves a lot of administration time - Giving you access to every single information from student to inventory management the system saves a lot of time waste in entering, analysing and finding data.
  • Simplify administration process - When you can view every transaction, every process and progress from your screen administrations become simpler, easier and more accurate. 
  • Inbuilt LMS - When you have an LMS inbuilt within your TMS your extra money, time and effort for several systems purchasing and integrations will be saved. 
  • Track and report - Reporting and analysing tools will produce in detailed reports within seconds for you.

The difference

The main difference between the two system is that while LMS is all about courses and learning management, a TMS can help you manage all the administrative processes including learning management. If you are looking for a way to improve your learning management system, LMS is a good option for you to invest in. Challenges in the administration are the biggest problems to be solved TMS is the best for you. 

It doesn’t matter if it is a TMS or LMS none of the systems won’t matter if you don’t purchase them from a reputable software company. Why not consider purchasing your TMS and LMS from software solution provider for 10 years- Tigernix? 

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