ERP software can bring many benefits for educational institutions. Below are a few of them. 

1. Reduce the involvement of administration 

From admission, academic deliveries, HR to staff, the system will help you automate many of the administrative tasks reducing the workload of the administration. Plus, it will make everything more efficient and faster than ever before.

2. Improve the efficiency of non-teaching staff

The system will allow you to automate most of your daily operational tasks that usually consume most of your staffs’ work hours. Thus, your staff will have more hours available to spend on more complex tasks that the system cannot handle. 

3. Improve competitor advantage 

Another benefit of ERP software is cost reduction. The ERP system will dig deep into your operations and let you know of where there is room for improvement to optimize your resources and where you can reduce wastes. In addition to that, the system will improve the overall efficiency in operations enabling you to cut down your workforce.

4. Improve communication 

A good ERP system will give everyone a global view of what’s going on in the institution and students strengthening the communication between educators and decision-making administrators. The system also comes with several portals dedicated to teachers, students, staff and parents, enabling effective communication between different parties. 

5. Manage multiple institutions

For education chains that have institutions in multiple locations, an ERP software solution can be a huge saviour. With its features, the system will monitor and track all the institutions no matter where they are located on the globe enabling administrators an easy management process. 

6. Save teaching staff’s time spent on administrative tasks giving them more time to invest in core-competencies

Teachers can also benefit from an ERP solution in many ways as the system comes with many features to automate repetitive tasks teachers has to perform on a daily basis. For an example, grading exam papers can be done online with a click of a button, so teachers will be able to save hours spent on marking papers which they can spend on improving core competencies of students. 

7. One-time master data entry

With an ERP, collecting, managing and analyzing data will be easy peasy. Once a record is entered to the system, it will be available to use in all the departments and even in institutes in other locations thus you no longer will have to enter the same record multiple times. 

8. Manage Student & Parent information

With an ERP software, administrators will be able to access any student details including academic progress, payment history, attendance and more with a click of a button. The system will clearly organize student profiles and their parent details offering easy access to any student profile with a quick search.

9. Improved student experience 

The system will come with numerous tools that will enable the educators to improve the service experience for students and their parents in many ways. From academic deliveries to service logistics, the system will speed up operations while improving the effectiveness of the learning experience.