Today busy SME businesses find a bit of relief in marketing with marketing automation tools as they help you automate your online marketing efforts to some extent. So you can save more time and efforts of your team which can spend on another task.

But still, marketing automation consumes a considerable amount of time and effort to plan and schedule everything. And sometimes it even can cause you waste of money due to the inaccuracies of your data analytics. 

What if there is another tool that can help you with driving better results in lesser time with your SME’s marketing automation?

Named as the Customer Relationship Management or CRM software, it’s a tool that can help SME businesses’ marketing automation in several ways. Here are the few ways among the list. 

Eliminate guesswork
Many SME businesses start their marketing campaigns based on assumed data such as assumed demographics, assumed marketing segmentation…etc. This might make you wait so long to see results as you have to change and tweak the campaigns at least two three times for effective results. 

When you have your CRM and marketing automation tools working together, identifying the best demographics and marketing segments…etc will be simple and clear than ever. Because the CRM tool will give easy access to all the customer behavioural data leading you to more effective SME marketing campaigns.  

Effective content creation
Content is a ‘break it or make it’ point to any marketing method and so is for SME. Whether it’s an ad copy, a blog post or landing page you are creating, content that resonates the most with your customers convert the best.

When you have CRM tool integrated with your marketing automation tools creating effective content that can bring you sales will be simple and easy. 

The two software will work together to give you deep insights into the topics your prospects are more likely interested in based on the behaviours of your customers and customers-to-be -which will indeed be going to make a good impact on your conversion rate. 

Better ROI tracking
When you have CRM side by side with your marketing automation tool, you’ll not only understand the behaviours of your prospects but also your customers’ along with the channels that bring you the best and worst ROIs. This will help you identify the places where you should optimize your marketing automation the most and the channels you should consider dropping. So you can enjoy a better ROI for the money you spend through a higher conversion rate.

Better reporting
Once you integrate your CRM tool with your marketing automation tool, you’ll gain the ability to produce reports with higher accuracy through in-depth data analysis of both the system at once. The two systems will combine all the pieces of the puzzle from the very top of the sales funnel to the very bottom and even after they make a sale, allowing you to improve your marketing campaigns even better. Additionally, this will helps you save more time you usually spend on data analyzing. 

A CRM tool for a small or medium size business is a great asset which can help you in several ways. If you haven’t purchased a CRM software for your business yet, check out our TigernixCRM software we developed specially for SME businesses.