Hotel management can completely transform your hotel if you select the right software solution for your business. With many hotel management systems available in the market, hoteliers might feel unsure of the software solution best for them.

Here is a list of must-have features of a next-gen hotel management system to help you narrow down your options.

Booking management

A smooth booking experience is essential to improve your reputation as a hotel. Thus booking management is an essential module of a hotel management system, that allows hoteliers to handle their bookings with ease than ever before. From room availability, details of facilities of each room, guest information, room reservation to follow up the system will handle everything on your behalf, making the booking process more efficient and accurate. With this, confusions, misunderstandings and miscommunications can be reduced as you will have every information you need to make the booking in one place. 

Guest profile management 

Guests are everything for hotels that are striving to deliver an exceptional service. Which is why every hotel is willing to do what it takes to offer its guests a seamless guest experience. Understanding this, hotel management systems come with a module dedicated solely to help you improve your guests’ experience. It will help you keep on track of what our guests individual needs. Whether the guest has specific requests or concerns, the feature will help you stay on top of the unique requirements of your guests enabling you to deliver your service in accordance with their requests.  These profiles will also help you keep the right track of guest history; thus you can make sure they receive the special discount programs you have for your loyal guests. This will come handy especially if you run a hotel chain. 

Housekeeping and maintenances

It’s a common complaint of housekeeping staff that they are always rushed to clean rooms by the management thus they sometimes not be able to ensure the sanitation of rooms to the standards. This is mainly due to poor management on housekeeping and maintenance records. With a hotel management software, you will get inbuilt housekeeping module that will help you keep track of the rooms that need a clean, rooms that needed to be prep immediately for guests arrival and more. It will also let you know the number of rooms cleaned on the day helping you keep track of productivity. 

Payment processing

Offering your guests an easy and straightforward payment process is essential. The software will ensure the security of the sensitive data your guests are sharing with you while enabling them to check out and finish the transactions with a few clicks. Plus you will be able to accept multiple currencies and several payment getaways offering your guests a more flexible payment processing experience.

Kitchen and table management

To deliver your guests a fast and smooth dining experience, you need to have precise operation management from reservations, order taking, table management to kitchen order management. A next-generation hotel management software helps you do just that with its dedicated module for table and kitchen management. The module will allow you to manage the guests, orders and kitchen automating the process, reducing the room for mistakes, errors and delays. The module will help you keep records on customer details, order details, kitchen order details and status and table capacity, food requirement for the menu of the day and more.

3rd party integration 

Capability for 3rd party integration is essential for a hotel management system of this era so you can integrate all the systems and platforms you are using for the business. For example, being able to integrate booking platforms such as TripAdvisor,,… etc with your in-house system will help you avoid overlapping in bookings. This will also help you keep all your bookings well organized, no matter via which platform you receive the booking from. Thus you will not have to fear over utilising several OTA platforms, as you know you have the tools to sort every booking efficiently.  

Sales distribution management

Having an excellent logistic process in place is another crucial aspect that will contribute to the success of your hotel. Whether it's stocking for the kitchen, cleaning supplies or technology equipment for the premises, an excellent hotel management system should have full features to keep on track of all your stocks, orders, vendors, delivery schedules,  price lists, contract terms, invoicing, stock standards and more. The system will automate all your sales distribution operations; thus you will be able to have better visibility over each process. It will let you know things you are running low on, items that have been ordered when you will have to renew contracts and contract and payment terms and more.

High data security

Data security is an essential feature of a hotel management system, as it’s necessary to have the guarantee of the software vendor for the sensitive data your businesses are handling on a daily basis. A good system will ensure you of data safety providing you with a well-secured system that you won’t have to worry about a data breach. 


Scalability is another must-have feature of a hotel management system that allows you to expand and scale your business without having to worry about the operation handling. Because a good hotel management system will have the capability to conform to the requirements of your organisation as your hotel grows.  

Data analysis and report generation  

Having processes in place to analyse the data is as important as collecting data. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the most out of your information for your business success. A hotel management system will help you generate deep insight by analysing your data while providing you comprehensive reports automatically, ensuring your data accuracy and efficiency. 

Finding the best hotel management system for your organisation needs a lot of researching, comparison and consideration. Keep these features in mind when you are out there searching for the right software for your organisation so you can make the best decision. When you are looking for a hotel management system, don’t forget to check out TigernixHMS as well if you are looking for a quality software solution.