Every organization receives visitors. Yet not many organizations manage visitors effectively.

Visitor management is essential for any organization as its one of the main ways you can make an excellent first impression to your clients, guests, and to the public. Thus, having proper visitor management in place is critical. 

One of the top tools that can help you improve your visitor management is an excellent visitor management system. In this article, we share what a visitor management system is and how it can help you refine your visitor management in your organization. Let’s dive in.

Invoices are often shared in businesses. Whether you are doing business with your local laundry service or with your ERP solution vendor, you deal with invoices. 

Many may have an idea of what is an invoice. Yet, do you know the importance of generating invoices in a business?

Invoices play an essential role in every business. Here we share what exactly an invoice is and its purposes.

A payslip is a crucial document every employer should generate to his or her employees. 

However, the age of generating physical payslips wasting ink and paper is long gone. And the world is embracing the ePayslip fast. In the year 2016, the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) of Singapore also welcomed the new concept of eSlips with the new rules and standards.

Singapore Ministry of Manpower or MoM has formed a new rule for generating payslips to employees of small and medium-sized businesses based in Singapore.

PPIC or Production Planning & Inventory Control is crucial for any business, large or small. The process can be quite complex, yet when done right can reduce costs significantly while improving the productivity of the manufacturing process. 

If you are a business in manufacturing, PPIC is a crucial aspect of your business, and you have to figure out it correctly. In this article, we share what PPIC is and what are its benefits. 

Let’s dive in 

Enterprise resource planning system or an ERP system is one of the top software solutions that can help construction businesses significantly. The system comes with many modules and ensures a robust solution in your organization and helping you manage all your departments; the system enables you to transform your organization to fit the digital age.

A good ERP software brings all your departments together from marketing, sales, accounting to HR. Thus, strengthening the connections between departments.

Below are some of the features of an ERP system