Managing an educational institute involves many complex processes. The enrollment process is one of them. 

The process is yearly and overwhelming no matter how much experience you have in student enrollment. But if you are looking for simpler, faster and more effective enrollment process, the solution is a school management system.

In this post, we discuss how a school management system makes the enrollment process hassle-free.

Enroll School Management

What is the enrollment process?
To stop the confusion right here, let us start by saying It’s not the admission process. 

The enrollment process is the next step after the admission process that involves all the formalities to onboard the student to the institution. 

It’s the process that involves filling multiple complex forms and running around to get copies of the document requested by the Institute for identity verification. From medical information to fee processing, the process includes many steps and requires a lot of paperwork. 

The best part of the enrollment process is that it happens in every year no matter the student is new to the institution or not, as every year, students will enroll in a new grade.

How a school management system makes the enrollment process hassle-free?
If you are an educator you already know how much complex and overwhelming the annual enrollment process can be. 

The solution the new technology has developed to make things easy for institutes on enrollment in the Student Management System. Let’s have a deep look into how exactly the system is solving the issue. 

Make you go digital 
With the old enrollment process, you will need to manually fill many forms running around to get copies and printouts which indeed consumes resources. School management systems are all digital so students can receive digital forms which they can submit digitally. Queries, data verifications and processing will also be digital. 

By enabling you to store information digitally, a school management system will end the years of stacking files ordered by year and grade, that filled many rooms of the institution. 

With this, your institution will be able to go paperless and take the hassle out of managing physical files for each student every year which usually exceed hundreds.

Save yours, the students’ and parents’ time
A school management system takes out the all most all the manual work from the enrollment process. So, your students don’t have to fill forms that take a considerable amount of time as with the new system they will be able to fill and submit forms swiftly. 

The system is capable of verifying and processing information of the forms in real time. Meaning even if there are errors or mistakes you made on the form, the management will be able to let the students know of the errors then and there. Therefore, the student can refill new forms or follow the necessary steps to proceed with the enrollment process.  

Parents can also be a part of the process whether they are there or not with a student management system. This is a huge time saver for busy parents as they get to monitor and involve in the process effectively without having to change their work schedules. 

Grant easy access
Finding a file, you need and accessing the data when you want is cumbersome for the administration as the process will need to go through racks and racks full of files. 

Physically storing data makes it really easy to misplace files and mix up files which will take even more time and labour force to find the missing file. Even when you find the file, locating and transferring the information to where necessary will require quite a bit of work. 

But when you have all your data stored digitally in one place in a student management system you will never have to deal with such quests to find the information you need. The system will store your data in a well-organized manner enabling you to pull out any small pieces of information with a few clicks.

That’s not it.

The system will able students, parents, and administrators access the system anywhere anytime. Thus, parents can access the system even from work, and learn how the enrollment process works and what the current progress is. 

Students will also be able to monitor the enrollment process right from their mobile phone. This makes it easy for them to get a clear idea of the status of their process. On the other hand, everyone involved in the enrollment process can monitor, verify and process the information in real time involving with the front desk. This will speed up the overall enrollment process. 

Ensure better data security
An education institute will have to collect very sensitive information about students and parents during the enrollment process. Such information comes with a huge risk and responsibility and education institutes that are thriving can’t afford to experience a data breach. 

Once you have a school management system you will get a better security over your data. With the system, you will be easily able to set access limits ensuring that everyone is seeing only the data they supposed to see. 

Help you manage the fees
Handling payments and receipts manually is a lot of work and increase the possibility for errors. It’s awkward to let know a student about the fee due and see the student pulls out a receipt of the payment. This can also impact on your integrity as an institution even though it’s a mere mistake. 

A school management system offers your student the option to ‘pay with a click’ so they can pay online for the enrollment. With this, you will not have to keep up with piles of receipts and worry about theft and frauds. 

Advancement in the technology has turned the landscape of school management upside down for good introducing new ways to improve the productivity and effectiveness of institutes while simplifying everything. This is why education institutes should consider adopting technologies such as school management systems. Especially, if they want to keep up with the trends catering to new industry demands.