Working hard is not enough to succeed in today's world. You need to work smart so that you could reach your desires with the least effort yet with the highest efficiency.

A smart school is such a solution where students learn the smart way. Although this type of school can't make the students smarter, it will help the students have a more engaging learning experience. It will increase the effective knowledge consumption and knowledge retention.

What are the smart school and its benefits?

What is a smart school?

In simple words, smart schools are technologically enhanced schools that deliver the students a better and more effective educational experience. Such an environment opens doors for an infinite number of new learning and teaching methods and making a boring lecture to an exciting and engaging learning session.  

Equipped with modern technological devices, such as tablets and notebooks and the latest learning aiding software, smart schools make the learning experience more fun for the students.

Let's look at the 8 benefits of smart schools.

Easily accessible information

In a smart school, accessing information is easier than ever before in the history of education for students. With modern tools and technology, students will be able to access vast knowledge resources anywhere anytime. The internet opens the students to an ocean of knowledge which they can access using their laptops and mobile phones.  

It gives the students the comfort to search for any information on their own. In addition to that, it let them teach themselves or even dig deeper in areas they are interested in the lessons to accumulate more knowledge than the curriculum teaches. Thus, students won't have to always rely on their teachers, and they can study wherever they like whenever they like. Meaning students do not have to wait until they reach the school to discuss their questions with the teacher or opens the library to find the information they need.

No written notes needed

Writing notes is one of the most boring parts of the learning process. The smart school will replace it with modern tools to give the students a more effective and interesting learning experience. A smart school will replace writing with typing and notebooks and textbooks with tabs and electronic pens. 

With digital writing, students only need one device to take all the notes of all the different subjects. Therefore, students no longer have to maintain separate books and binders of each subject. 

It even reduces the size of the bag the students have to carry for schools. Moreover, it will be enabling them to enjoy new features of the tools to neatly organise their notes and find information with a simple search. The technology also benefits the teachers allowing them to prepare for lessons in more effective ways and present them more interestingly to the students with presentations, slideshows and digital documents.

Effective learning experience

A smart school enables teachers to share knowledge in a more interesting and easy to digest manner for the students with digital technology. In such a school, the teachers have access to share the lessons using many mediums such as videos, presentations, audios and many other formats of visuals. It provides the opportunity for the teachers to update their lessons as the years pass by with the new information emerging in creative ways to help students received up to date knowledge.

A smart school can deliver a much more interesting and entertaining learning experience for students than traditional ‘text books-only’ schools can deliver. Furthermore, it will also help with knowledge retention.

8 benefits of smart school

Never have to miss a lesson again

In a smart school, you can record all the lessons taught in the day. So even if you miss a class, you will still have the opportunity to learn the lesson for the day without missing anything out, including the jokes. 

Therefore, even when a student falls sick and misses out a couple of lessons, they don't have to feel bad. They have access to the recording that they can fall back on and keep up with their studies. So the students no longer have to copy down all the notes and learn by themselves or with the help of a friend.

Weeks never fall behind

One of the main benefits of a smart classroom is that it enables the students to have a customised learning experience. With this, students get the ability to learn at their own pace, which can be very beneficial for slow learners. The technologies and tools used in the school will let the students revisit the lessons and re-watch the teacher's recordings any number of times until they understand what they find challenging. Also, when the lesson is not clear, the students will have the ability to contact the teacher online and get answers for their questions then and there via email or student-teacher portals.

With this, teachers will also be able to help all the struggling students in their academics without missing out anyone which usually happens in traditional schools due to time restrictions. Plus, teachers won't have to keep weak students after school, which many students don't enjoy. 

Interactive learning experience

Another major benefit of a smart school is that it makes the teaching environment much more interactive. The teaching system and the tools used in the school will encourage students to be more interactive in the school and participate more in the learning experience, increasing knowledge retention on a great scale. It gives even the shy kids the chance to be more interactive and active in the learning experience comfortably, introducing many new ways to engage with the teacher.  

With fun quizzes, online tests, group activities and more, the technology will give all the students a role to play in the classroom that they can't refuse to take part in. They are thus increasing the bond between the student and the teacher and among fellow students.

The technology enables students and teachers to communicate even outside the school via emails and other special communication platforms the school uses.

Pen and paper-free education

A smart school replaces pen and paper with digital tools making the entire educational experience paper-free. No more notes or textbooks, pens, rough worksheets or highlighters in two-three different colours. Digital devices replace them all, so the students will no longer have to carry dozens of things for taking notes. 

In a smart school, printers and photocopiers have no place as there won't be a need to take physical prints. Since you can share and send copies digitally to anyone and among anyone, there will be no use of these devices.  

Easy to maintain

Students require a lot of suppliers per year for their studies which the students have to purchase throughout the years as they run out.

When studying in a smart school, students don't have to buy dozens of products every month. All they need is a laptop and a few other accessories which they could use for years.  

Smart schools are a fast-growing trend around the world, catching the attention of more and more educators. Embracing this new trend can deliver many benefits to students as well as educators. It enables the schools to deliver students a better academic experience to fit the modern-day world.