Case Studies

The client

The client offers a complete solution to all cleaning and hygiene problems from pressure washers, dustless sandblasters and bespoke engineering solutions through to cleaning detergents, sanitising wipes and laundry products.

The business challenge

  1. Since the client did not have a Content Management System adding, editing and deletion of content pages was not easy.
  2. HTML knowledge was a must to make even basic changes to the website.
  3. The website was static for long periods of time since the updating of data was not done regularly and easily. Fresh content rarely came up on the website.
  4. Since content was maintained manually additional software was required, in the process raising costs.
  5. Changing the design of the website affected the content.
  6. Since there was no database for the content, maintaining the data efficiently was not possible.

The solution

Tigernix proposed the implementation of a Content Management System (CMS).

Business Benefits

  1. Content management extends the "shelf life" of your site.
  2. Content management allows future redesigns to your site without having to reformat existing and archived content.
  3. Content management avoids the "loss of opportunity" scenarios common to static site development.