Case Studies

The client

The client is a leading polytechnic and educational institution offering numerous courses to students.

The business challenge

  1. Customer data analysis was not in tune with the specified target market.
  2. Anticipation of customer needs was not possible due to lack of accurate information.
  3. Customer relations were not up to the mark due to gaps in communications.
  4. Effectiveness was lacking in the marketing message sent to customers.
  5. Customers' demands were not answered effectively.

The solution

Tigernix proposed the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Business Benefits

  1. The CRM software gives improved relations with the target market and relationship development with potential ones.
  2. It provides an upswing of profits as a result of better customer relations and the ability to anticipate and attend to their needs and demands.
  3. The client's business is able to cater to customer's specific needs efficiently.
  4. There is convenient cross selling of products and services by utilizing CRM software that allows doing this seamlessly and with lesser cost.
  5. It helps in establishing a more effective marketing message that is not hit and miss. With CRM, communicating to the audience is made more specific.
  6. Innovation is now more personalized because the organization is equipped with a clear-cut view of what customers really want and not what is perceived that they want.
  7. Because the client is able to answer the customer's demands effectively, there is an assurance of customer loyalty and more customer acquisitions.