Case Studies

The client

The company is the pioneer and most professionally run FR apparel maker and supplier in Singapore. It also has the most extensive experience and brand recognition in the FR work-wear industry in Singapore.

The business challenge

In the absence of an ERP system:

  1. The methods of accessing enterprise wide information was limited and employees found it a tedious process to access information required for their daily work activities.
  2. There was difficulty in retaining top performers since there was no defined career and development plan.
  3. There was no link between employees' performance and compensation programs such as variable pay plans and long-term incentives.
  4. The organisation was not able to analyse its performance at each level across the organisation.
  5. Operational efficiency and productivity improvement were limited within and beyond the enterprise.

The solution

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution from Tigernix was implemented for the client. The complete ERP system leverages the benefits of the latest available technologies and adds more value to the company through a range of powerful features.

Business Benefits

  1. A single location for all organisation information. Hence, time is not wasted in data retrieval.
  2. Everyone in the organisation has updated information, easily assessable all the time, since the ERP solution is web-based.
  3. The HR module of the ERP software automates most functions that are otherwise done manually. From incentives and leave maintenance to pay plans and compensation packages at every employee level, the system provides a user-friendly approach to HR activities.
  4. The progress analysis and reporting methods built into the system helps define a clear company growth plan as well as career paths for top performers.
  5. High improvement in operation efficiency and productivity across the organisation because of automation of several processes as well as the availability of intelligent usable data.