Case Studies

The client

The company specialises in providing its customers with complete Wire and Cable Harness solutions.

The business challenge

  1. The client was using manual processes in most business areas and employees were unable to access the right information in real time address concerns early.
  2. In the absence of a system to assess the outcomes of marketing strategies, the company was not able to pursue opportunities proactively.
  3. The company was unable to achieve corporate objectives since its system did not support the aligning of its workforce with organizational objectives.
  4. Since the company did not have a comprehensive data system with report generating technology, it was unable to fine the best people and leverage their talent in the right job at the right time.
  5. The enterprise services architecture was not being used to improve process standardization, efficiency and adaptability.
  6. There were no extensions in transactions, information, and collaboration functions towards a broad business community.

The solution

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution from Tigernix was implemented for the client to facilitate the company to reduce the time required for the entire sales and production process, beginning from the customer enquiry until the delivery of the finished product to the customer. The ERP also helped automate tasks in all other areas of the company’s business processes.

Business Benefits

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system improved business processes at the company by simplifying complicated company-wide processes in all departments, thus saving valuable company time, making activities more efficient and accommodating work that is more productive.

  1. Time saving
  2. Real time data access
  3. Early problem detection
  4. Effective and prompt identification of opportunities
  5. Achievement of corporate objectives
  6. Reports, analysis and intelligent data generation
  7. Improved efficiency and productivity