Without fundraisers, no non-profit organization can survive. Because without consistent donation flow it’s not possible to manage the resources towards supporting the prominent cause of the organization.

Over the years, donor behaviours have evolved just as your organization.  Therefore, the old-time fundraising techniques won’t bring you much of results today. Now the time has come to adopt cutting-edge fundraising techniques to make it appealing to modern day donors’ mindset. 

Finding the best ERP software for your educational institute can be an overwhelming process as the requirements and standards need to be met is a long list. 

Though it appears to be that all the ERP systems offer the same features, you will realize that there are slight differences in many cases that can make all the difference for your educational institution. Especially when you closely study each product. 

Therefore, understanding the right parameters to identify the best ERP software for your educational institution before the purchase is a must - which is why we listed 8 factors you should pay attention to when you are in search of the right ERP product for your business.  

Managing a school is never an easy task. With few dozens of daily tasks to perform and hundreds of records to update and more than a handful of tasks to keep on track with, many school struggles in keeping up with their pace and improving productivity.  

For those schools who are looking for a way to overcome this struggle, an ERP system is a perfect solution for you.

Here’s why;

You may have heard the terms Procurement Management and Supply chain management so many times... But do you know the exact meanings of them and how they differ from one another? 

Or are you someone assumes that they are all the same!

Either way, let Tigernix’s experts break down the Procurement Management and Supply Chain Management process to help you understand each of them easily.   

Gigantic spreadsheets, old world type data systems, disorganized donation records… all that is time-consuming and overwhelming come to play if you are still working with conventional donor management techniques.

When you are heading a non-profit organization, administration and volunteer management and streamlining of your donation processes are critically important for reaching sustainable growth. 

If you are looking for a solution to improve your donation management here is a one; a Donor Management Software.