If you are looking for ways to streamline your manufacturing process, you might already have heard about MPS and MRP. But do you really know what each of them means and what is the difference between MPS and MRP? - Other than what the acronyms stand for. 

In this article, Tigernix Software Experts explain what is MPS and MRP and what makes them different from each other in simple English. Let’s begin.

MPS or Master Production Schedule and MRP or Material Requirements Planning are two separate software systems that help you streamline your manufacturing process.

10 steps to selecting the right ERP software

Finding the right ERP software for your company is a crucial process. With many ERP software vendors in the market claiming that their offer is the best, companies have to have a foolproof process to help them make the right decision to select the best software that suits their business requirements. 

Below is a 10 step process any organization can use to filter the best ERP software for their organization regardless of the size of their business or the industry they are in.

Advancement in IT and technology has made the whole world’s lifestyle run faster than ever. Thus, the time has come for businesses to catch up with the speed if they want to survive in the market. Which is why in today’s competitive business world software is not something nice or fancy to have in an organization but a must have a factor that decides life and the slow death of a business. 

For those who are not convinced yet here we’ve put together a list of 10 benefits of software for a business.

Supply chain involves a lot of moving parts. Thus, it’s easy to lose the sight of the details that matter to keep on track of your supply chain process and improve the parts that have room for improvement to gain more profit.

Below is a list of 8 top supply chain metrics that matter the most to maintain the health of your supply chain operations. 

Singapore education has a good reputation for supporting the young generation of the country in academic and carrier excellence while contributing to the children’s development of individual strengths and social skills. In this article, we take a close look at the education system of Singapore. 

Kindergarten education
Usually, the education in Singapore starts in Kindergarten from the age of three to six which consists of one year of nursery and two years of kindergarten.

All the preschools are operated by private companies, charities or community groups and often charge a fee. The fee for the preschool may vary enormously depending on different factors and most of the times the best preschools are oversubscribed.