ERP systems catching up fame worldwide faster than ever binding up with the cloud technology. 

Basically, a cloud ERP system aids users to access, process and manage data accumulate in a company through a software over the internet at any time from any location. Below are some of the latest trends in cloud ERP you need to keep an eye on. 

The education system, schools, and students have been drastically changed over the last decade due to many factors. Issues and challenges 21st-century school administrators are dealing with are much more complex than making up parents’ minds to send their child to school – the biggest challenge school administrators had to face back then. 

Today, the struggle has become much more than maintaining good attendance and good grades. Below are some of the latest issues faced up by the school administrators of modern days.

Technology has made many differences in the manufacturing industry for good. Digital technologies have open new opportunities for manufacturers to improve various revenue streams. Thus, we have seen more and more businesses adopting digital technologies to attract more customers scaling their businesses faster.

For those who are in search for new ways to drive growth in 2018, Tigernix listed 5 top technology trends you might want to consider adopting. 

Managing time in a school is important to optimize the learning experience of the students and to gain the optimal use of resources. However, that doesn’t justify the hundreds of hours your staff has to spend on managing timetables for classes and courses. Especially now when there are timetable management systems available in the market.

Timetable Management system is a software solution that helps you automate the school’s timetable planning and scheduling. Whether you are a school, a university or another higher education institute, you can implement the system in your institute.