What is the most valuable asset of your business? 

Today, it can't be nothing other than your “clientele”. So Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is no more optional, but a salient business function which is capable of creating a significant impact on overall business performance and company’s goodwill. 

Are you so certain that you are adding more value to your customers based on their individual preferences? Keep tracking them effectively and catering every single need of your customers on time? 

Are you a company that has many systems for different processes and suffer from complex and time consuming IT and business operations, that keep getting more and more complex every day?

Living in a competitive business world, to stay ahead of your competitors, identifying ways to save time is important, as time is money. If you are looking for new ways to simplify the complexity of your company, the best solution is to implement a good ERP system.

For those who are not convinced yet, here we have listed 10 benefits, your business can enjoy just by implementing an ERP system. 

Does the Human Resource Management department of your company is super quick?

If not, and your HR department is with racks and racks of files which your employees take forever to sort through to find a small piece of information you requested, the time has come for your business to switch to an automated HR management system.

Since there are a lot of options in the market, finding a good Human Resource Management System is tricky which is why we at Tigernix put together these few tips to help find an HR management software that suits your business. 

Many companies that are in a quest of hunting new technologies to expand and reach their optimum performance levels through efficiency are confused with words, ERP system and WMS-which can be very useful for large enterprises.

To help businesses with such confusion, this post examines ERP system Vs WMS.

Let’s begin with what is an ERP system and a WMS. 

ERP Implementation Life Cycle Diagram

Implementing an ERP software reaps many benefits for a business, from streamlining your business operations to reducing your company costs, which makes an ERP system is a must every business should have.

Yet, ERP implementation is not one day or one week process, as the implementation comes with a set of 8 important steps. To help those who are considering investing in a quality ERP system, here we discuss the ERP implementation life cycle, so you can get a better idea about the process.