Property management businesses are based on finding poorly managed properties with potential and bringing them for their peak performance so you could gain a maximized financial performance and improve the return of your investment. 

To run an asset from poor performance to peak performance, property managers need to identify their challenges and strengths and have a strategic plan and a road map outlined. This plan should base on the property management hierarchy which includes the following tiers

More and more businesses and organizations are adopting ERP solutions. But is it really worth the investment? In this article, ERP experts at Tigernix discuss why you need ERP software in your organization.  

Simply put, an ERP software is an Enterprise resource planning solution that enables you to integrate different parts of your organization bringing all the departments and employees under one umbrella. From marketing, sales, HR, warehouse, customer service to waste management, the system will unify everyone automating and integrating operations. With this the number of benefits your organization can enjoy is endless. 

If you are also someone keeps hearing the word property management system in your industry yet wondering how does this system works and what it can bring to your business, this is the article for you.  

What is a property management system?

Property management system or a PMS is a software solution for residential, commercial rental and hospitality accommodation properties that can bring you many benefits to your business. The system is a robust solution that comes with separate modules to help you tackle different areas of your business. 

A student management system is not a luxury anymore but a necessity for educational institutes who are striving to venture into the next level in their business. The system is one of the top revolutions in technology in the education sector that can reap you many benefits.

It will monitor the performance of education programs offered by the institute and manage the distribution and allocation of educational resources. Below are the six main features of a student management system that can transform your school.