Business PerformanceMost of you must be wondering what this ERP software is all about. Well the acronym ERP actually means Enterprise Resource Planning. This is a software that is being used in organizations world over, for the benefit of their businesses. To understand how something as simple as a software/computer program can improve your business, or increase your profits, you must first have a good understanding of what the software is all about, and what it actually does. And once you have this understanding, you can then make your decision of adapting to the system, or not, and whether the software will actually be useful to you, or not. 

Handling your warehouse right is a crucial factor that affects directly on the success of your manufacturing business regardless of the industry you are in and the size of your business. Because it can be a breaking or making point for the whole business’s financials depending on the warehouse management costs. If not handled properly, warehouse management is a process that can cause you a significant financial loss. Mainly this happens as you find it difficult to keep track on all the moving pieces of your warehouse such as picking, receiving, order allocation, counting…etc which will cause wastes, inventory loss, increased labour and equipment costs and the list goes on and on.  

When you hear the term ERP, you are actually wondering what it is. Well, the acronym stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. And this again doesn’t give you a clear idea as to what this software is exactly, and what it does. Before you know this, it is clearly impossible for you to understand what the advantages of such a software are going to be. So, let’s start off by understanding in a few sentences what ERP exactly is, and what it does so that you will end up with a clear understanding of its benefits.