Membership recruiting, managing fundraisings, tracking donations and other finances, membership fee, renewal and database management… 

Are you a small or a medium sized non-profit, facing cumbersome struggles in trying to keep up with your membership and donation drives? Managing memberships and donations campaigns is a never near easy task, especially when you have dozens of other tasks to do. 

This is the reason why any non-profit organization should pay more attention to find better solutions for this so you can manage all your donations and members without a hassle. In this post we will explore the best solution for managing memberships and donations drives in your non-profit.

It’s easy to get a rough idea of an ERP software as the acronym ERP itself stands for Enterprise resources planning. But that doesn’t convince enough to invest the lump of money it demands to offer its service.

To make sure Tigernix audience take the decision to purchase an ERP system or not to, from a more informed position, Tigernix experts explain the main modules of an ERP system and each of their uses for a business

Below are 10 important modules every ERP system should have. 

Whether you are a large chain of companies or a small business, the right ERP system can do wonders in improving your business. Which might be why you are planning to introduce an ERP system to your business or to upgrade your existing one. 

Either way, most of the times, the problem is not which one to choose but how to choose it.

In this post, we share the best practices in comparing ERP software between various vendors below.

New technologies, devices, and applications are introduced to the market on a daily basis around the world to help hotels and restaurants improve their operational efficiency.

Whether you are a small bed and breakfast or a global hotel chain your business’s success depends on the efficiency and seamlessness of the guest experience - which is why you might need to consider in, incorporating technology to deal with the complexity of your business operations.