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SME Biztech Conference   SME Biztech Conference

27 Jun 2013
Grand Ballroom, Level 3
Hilton Singapore
581 Orchard Road Singapore 238883

"SMEs play a vital role in an economy, being the entry point for entrepreneurs to build new businesses. SMEs provide the bulk of jobs and are often important handmaidens to large businesses – acting as suppliers and contractors to them. They provide the economy with several strengths: first, by helping create a dynamic labour market; and second, by forming clusters of innovation be developing and introducing change."  - MasterCard Worldwide report on Small Medium Enterprises in Singapore

SME Biztech Conference   SME Biztech Conference

Witnessing the economic importance of SMEs, SME BizTech Summit, will bring together business leaders from Singapore's SME community to discuss business strategies and technology solutions that will empower their businesses. From high level business strategy discussions to cutting-edge technology solutions such as Cloud Technology, SME BizTech Summit will cover all topics pertinent for the forward-thinking business leaders.

Through a series of case studies and panel discussions, SME BizTech Summit will explore key strategies to sustain business growth in today's increasingly competitive and global market

Key Highlights

  • Helping SMEs To Compete At The Next Level
  • Finding The Right InfoComm Solution For Your Business
  • Leveraging New Technologies To Do E-commerce
  • Talent Development and Retention
  • Strategies For Business Expansion
  • Making The Cloud Work For SMEs