07 Mar 2014  (9:00AM - 12:30PM)

Programme Objective

The growing need for creating awareness on the existing Government schemes to increase business productivity, has lead to the demand in seminars such as the on ‘Increasing Productivity through Technology with Government Schemes’.

Small & Medium Practices (SMPs) and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) continue to strive towards achieving a competitive advantage over others, building  a more sustainable and productive business in the face of challenges such as rising costs, tight labour market and an ever-changing business environment. Increasing productivity through technology is undeniably, one of the most effective and versatile methods that allow companies to counter those challenges.

Join us at this upcoming seminar on ‘Increasing Productivity through Technology with Government Schemes’ to find out more about various technology solutions and showcases that aim at improving productivity, the success stories of those who have implemented them and the availability of government grants and schemes that were designed to aid companies with this in mind.

Programme Outline




Welcome Address
by Mr Lee Fook Chiew, CEO, ISCA


Improving Productivity through Adoption of Technology
by Ms Cheong Su Fen, Manager, IDA


This talk gives participants a clear overview of the importance of the adoption of technology in order to compete in this challenging business environment. IDA has various initiatives targeted at helping SMEs accelerate the adoption of infocomm technology by making the implementation more affordable. These initiatives focus on 3 main areas ranging from simple solutions that improve business operations to innovative uses of technology that transform a business or sector. The “whats” and “hows” for tapping on the iSPRINT scheme will be presented along with case studies of various SMEs and the impact of ICT usage on their business.


Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme
by Ms Jasmine Ang, Principal Tax Officer, IRAS


This talk is specially designed to help participants understand how businesses may benefit from the PIC scheme. The PIC scheme provides tax benefits for businesses that invest in productivity and innovation activities.


Tea Break / Technology Showcase


Capability Development Grant (CDG)
by Mr Nicholas Hong, Manager (Professional Services), SPRING Singapore


The Capability Development Grant (CDG) is a financial assistance programme aimed at helping Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) defray up to 70% of qualifying project costs, relating to consultancy, manpower, training, certification, upgrading productivity and developing business capabilities for process improvement, product development and market access. In this talk, we will be focusing on Productivity Improvement through Technology.


A Case Study with Aestimo Pte Ltd: Improving Accounting and Financial Management Process
By Mr Darren Eng


Good accounting and financial management is important to the sustainability of any business. Therefore, companies are required to perform financial analysis on a regular basis. Several accounting software have built-in reporting features that make such analysis easier. But as businesses begin to explore more plausible solutions, they are faced with several choices.


QuickBooks Online is the financial management software for the business that can be accessed over the Internet. It is accessible via a web browser or the QuickBooks mobile app. It’s always on, it’s anywhere when one needs it, it scales with the business, and it’s got new features every month.


With desktop software, companies had to transfer large data files back and forth every time the accountant or a business partner/client needs access to it. With QuickBooks Online, no more backups are required. It replicates the data in the servers to ensure sustainability for business.


In this presentation, Mr Darren Eng will be sharing his experiences in adopting QuickBooks Online solutions and how it has helped streamlined his accounting & financial management processes, and how this has given him the flexibility to run his business anytime, anywhere. Whether invoicing his customer at his office or while he is travelling overseas, QuickBooks Online is everywhere he is.


End of Programme

Intended For
Managers of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Small & Medium Practices (SMPs)

SingTel (Comcentre)
Level 3 Theatrette
31 Exeter Road Singapore 239732
MRT: Somerset MRT Station (NS23 – Exit A)

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