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Strengthening its diversified product portfolio, the dynamic software solutions arm of Singapore launched TigernixHRMS which is a comprehensive yet affordable Human Resource Management System. Following a customer focused strategy, Tigernix identified the vitality of an inventive Human Resource Management System for a modern business entity to flourish vigorously in the competitive global environment. Moreover, human resource of an organization is to be considered the essence of the business that brings out the best by deploying other organizational resources effectively. Thus, Tigernix definitely made the right call by introducing its newest software solution- TigernixHRMS that constructively manages human resource of your organization.

TigernixHRMS is one of a kind HRMS among the other featured software solutions currently in the market as the package consists of a bundle of distinctive services enabling the user to administer almost all the functions related to personnel management through a smart electronic platform. The package comes with a gourmet of features such as employee information management, travel claims, leave management, compensation and expense management and much more.  Employee information management covers a wide array of functions ranging from attendance management to employee database systems to self-service staff portals.  With TigernixHRMS there is no need to bog down in using typical dull spreadsheets or a tonne of paper stacks to manage your employees’ time offs.  By combining the power of integrated computer network systems, mobility and new levels of analytics, TigernixHRMS facilitates your company with a novel dimension of competitiveness to your workforce management strategy.

Be it a giant blue chip company or a budding start-up, TigernixHRMS can easily be configured to satisfy the demanding of any business set-up. The growth of your business is promising with TigernixHRMS that would certainly open up new ventures in the corporate world.