Having a divergent workforce consisting of workers from various religions and nations, this year Tigernix joins hands with Muslim members who are celebrating Hari Raya by breakfasting with their colleagues. 

Hari Raya is one of the most significant religious festivals in Indonesian calendar which brings out a festive air coupled with the shimmer of the ultimate bliss of peace for Muslim believers as well as for all the Indonesians. This festival marks the end of Ramadan which is the holy month of fasting for Muslims. 

Hari Raya denotes the end of the fasting period where the believers engage in fasting and prayers during the daylight hours. They fast during this holy month from dawn until dusk refraining themselves from worldly immortal acts and spend their time being devoted to the almighty. The holy month comes to an end when the full moon is sighted. 

By solemnizing Hari Raya as a one single family irrespective of religious beliefs and racial rituals Tigernix expects to strengthen the ties among all Indonesians. On top of all, Tigernix attempts to achieve religious tolerance in Indonesia through breakfasting together with Muslim colleagues at Tigernix. 

Tigernix team dedicated themselves during the holy month to breakfasting as an encouragement and gesture of religious tolerance with its work family. At the end of the day, Tigernix team gathered together and wrapped up the fasting by sharing the traditional iftar.    

Tigernix is well aware of the existing circumstances in the world and the importance of promoting religious tolerance in such an atmosphere as the world is moving towards a direction that alarms on religious conflicts. Religious tolerance is a necessity to ensure the unity and consistency of the country to flourish as a nation.  Thus, it is vital to work towards a world that allows every member of the society to follow their own chosen religious and spiritual paths with no hindrance and harassment. Understanding the importance of working towards harmony among religions, Tigernix planned this gesture to promote religious harmony in a multi-cultural country like Indonesia, watering the relationships among diversified communities in the country. 

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Hari Raya Breakfasting - June 2017
Hari Raya Breakfasting - June 2017
Hari Raya Breakfasting - June 2017