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Tigernix Pte launches the most-awaited product TigernixJoin, a top-notch web-based video conferencing platform that is secure and customisable. With fifteen years of experience in the software industry, earning clients’ credibility, Tigernix has designed and introduced the most needed application for current times.

TigernixJoin is a leading-edge meeting platform that promises video-conferencing at your convenience, using high-speed Servers and exceptional quality uninterrupted audio/video, with immune security which is the need of the hour. TigernixJoin is a superior quality product that makes your remote meetings smooth and seamless without any technical glitches.

TigernixJoin is suited for any domain and business size. From large businesses to small and medium businesses, to individuals, schools and educational institutions, TigernixJoin caters to every sector.

  • TigernixJoin has several features including:
  • Simple user interface
  • Dedicated Servers (locally deployed)
  • High-speed Servers with double-layered security
  • Customised portal
  • Servers built using a unique algorithm
  • Streaming 10x faster than others
  • Handles up to 500 users
  • Video sharing and chat

TigernixJoin is customisable, which is an exclusive feature. Clients can tweak the platform to suit their business needs. The product lays a strong emphasis on security and measures around data security, thereby making it reliable and sturdy. Current clients have vouched for its reliability during the COVID phase when user traffic surged to huge amounts.

Users can seamlessly and effortlessly share data, videos, and chat while conferencing. Meeting invitees are allowed only by using a meeting passcode and the host can remove an attendee at any point in time. The meeting portal URL is customisable to your organization to reiterate your brand.

Tigernix is known for its product range and service. TigernixJoin is what the world needs currently – a safe, secure and fast medium to communicate remotely.

TigernixJoin eliminates the looming stress on data security, enhances the quality of communication and is easy on your pocket.  

Tigernix is a renowned Singapore firm that designs and deploys custom software applications to its clients worldwide. Get in touch with us today and learn more about TigernixJoin or schedule a demo for FREE.