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Why TigernixProperty?

Track, record, and maintain property details: Minute details regarding properties are hard to manage sometimes. There’s time and cost involved, and requires a software that efficiently automates all the processes.

TigernixProperty helps you to get a quick overview of all your property information with minimal efforts. From work orders, contracts, billing, facility booking, occupancy/vacancy details to car park management, the software does it all.

Manage multi-sites: TigernixProperty manages multiple sites and their details, thereby allowing you to assess rental or leasing options, renew, terminate or archive contracts, evaluate the financial and legal obligations, and using all the data align their future business needs accordingly.

All property information is registered once and managed in a single large database that skilfully manages all the processes.

Minimal cost and maximum efficiency: When complex processes are broken down in to simple tasks, work is completed faster and easily. TigernixProperty eliminates the time and effort of managing and maintaining paperwork. Everything done in a click. You can simplify the otherwise tough tasks, cut unnecessary costs, and improve the productivity rate.

Detailed reports: The reporting tool is comprehensive and offers a range of filters and options to generate various reports. Reports are crucial as they help you study the current performance of your property and with that data, measure and plan for the future.

TigernixProperty provides a dynamic research tool that enables you to generate as many combinations of reports that you need. A complete analysis is also presented that instantly puts your business performance on a growth platform.

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