Why TigernixSMS?

By using TigernixSMS, your educational institution can cut cost, save time, and increase productivity in a big way. We understand how painstaking it is to manage huge volumes of paper and data; and to make sure that we simplify that entire process for you, we have many other sub-programs including:

Simplify management efforts: TigernixSMS is like a personal assistant to your institution’s management and streamlines all administration tasks. It is an effective tool that helps your institution to manage information in a meticulous way.

Single platform for communication: TigernixSMS provides a single platform for the school, teachers, and parents to communicate and share information. It minimizes the efforts to build more communication channels to send different messages to different audiences.

Easy finance management: TigernixSMS simplifies the finance management involved in your institution; from fee to administrative and operational expenses.

Secure data management: TigernixSMS is a robust and secure system that keeps your data in a safe and secure manner.