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A platform that matches not only seasonal needs but the generic needs of the clients is here to stay in the market for long. TigernixJoin has features that any organization/educational institution can ask for.


Dedicated Servers: Data is streamed through dedicated servers thereby making sure that your data is within your country. There is no breach of security.

Tigernix video conferencing services can also be deployed in your own Servers. So, the privacy of your employees/students and your business are secured and sealed.

Fastest streaming: Tigernix streaming servers are built using a unique algorithm. This makes Tigernix servers stream 10x faster than any other data streaming services. Videos are not saved rather streamed and routed to the conference participants.

Personal branding: You can customize to get your own brand of video conferencing portal. For example, if you are Tigernix Pte. Ltd., the video conferencing URL is More unique customizations can be done to the application based on your needs.

You can have your mobile apps on Google Play and Apple Appstore for video conferencing.

Fast and secure: TigernixJoin offers exclusive channel with customized features to staff/students/customers. With the optimized Servers, the application is the fastest, most efficient, and the most secure among all available in the market currently.

By using TigernixJoin, your links are always secure and monitored among your stakeholders. Security is of prime importance.

Quality, speed and clarity: This is no ordinary application. TigernixJoin ensures seamless and smooth video and audio transmission through high-end Servers. These servers automatically scale, analyze and disburse demand and ensure consistent performance.

The video and audio quality is superior and unmatched. 

More features

Globally, the prime concern is security – and why not? Data security, when managed, communication is without any concerns. Business and operations happen without any hiccup. TigernixJoin is all about safety and security. Conferencing by itself has two levels of security!

Secure meeting ID: To keep the credentials private, 10-digit random ID is generated and used.

Participant passcode: A passcode for participants is added as another level of authentication. This ensures that only authenticated users can create a meeting request.

Application sharing: TigernixJoin has several screen sharing options that prevent sharing the entire screen in meetings.

No random attendees: A meeting lock feature is enabled to avoid any external user to join meetings. This prevents any random user joining meetings.

Host control: The meeting host can easily remove participants at any time during the meeting.

Encrypted video calls: TigernixJoin allows endpoints with sufficient encryption capabilities. All your video calls are encrypted, safe and secure.


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