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Connecting with global counterparts and conducting meetings from home is no longer news, it’s the norm. TigernixJoin is used by many global clients for its usability, customizability and security. Clients are more than delighted to experience the unmatched service during COVID times.

TigernixJoin is futuristic yet relatable. It caters to every single need of the hour while being prepared for any surge in traffic. We have built the application is careful consideration of all remote connecting requirements. Which is why, at a time such as COVID, many educational institutions and corporate organizations were comfortable and secure using this platform.

Why should you choose TigernixJoin?

Smooth and uninterrupted conferencing: TigernixJoin enables glitch-less and stress-less live meetings, training sessions, global conferencing, and presentations. From corporate organizations to educational institutions, TigernixJoin 

High-quality streaming: Our high-end technology coupled with the backend supported by high-end and optimized servers and data centres, assure high quality and fast streaming of video.

Safe and secure platform: Security is of prime concern when you have clients worldwide and loads of data is transmitted. Our platform is highly secure and built on the latest technology. You can be sure that your data is safe and your conversations are secure. 

Customizations: TigernixJoin is creative in allowing personalization to your URL. You can customize the URL to reflect your company or brand. This adds value and creates a brand identity to your company and brand recall for the users.

Video platforms are many, but TigernixJoin surpasses all of them. Secure, simple, fast, reliable and customizable – it’s got everything and more you need to keep your business globally remote.

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