Waste Management System

Why Tigernix Waste Management System?

Simplify waste management process

Tigernix Waste Management System helps you streamline waste management across your organization, by helping you maintain a comprehensive inventory, waste profiles, process plans, logistic details and such. You can also track the movement of waste treated in real-time and this instantly increases your productivity and effectiveness.

Save on costs

Tigernix Waste Management System is known for its comprehensive and intelligent features. The systems is built to manage and track processes, which in turn help in understanding and gauging the cost involved. Saving your waste profiles and vendor details, help you to opt for the best costing available to get your business complete in a cost-effective way.

Tigernix Waste Management System also automates the process of generating invoices for internal and external purposes.

Comply with regulations 

Tigernix Waste Management System is carefully built to ensure that all your compliance and regulatory requirements are met and managed. We understand that there are considerable amount of risks involved in non-adherence of compliance. Tigernix Waste Management System tracks and records regulations applicable to every waste profile and the expiration dates of the regulation certificates. This is a very useful feature that helps you always adhere to regulations, even when you are busy.

Reports and reduced efforts

Tigernix Waste Management System enables you to effectively drive waste reduction efforts through its extensive reporting tool. You can generate detailed information on types of waste generated and treated, logistics used, and locality, or any such filter based on your choice.

Reports also help you to analyse the effect you have had on managing waste, the amount of cost that was reduced, time saved, and improvements needed.

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