TigernixCMS - Content Management System

Add, edit, revamp- basically own your web content without any technological barrier, money wastage or insecurity with TigernixCMS- the leader of web content management in Singapore.

About TigernixCMS - Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is a disciplined and simple way to manage, organize, and maintain content and images for websites. TigernixCMS is an advanced Content Management System with simple and flexible features. This means that even non-technical staff can easily type, upload, and publish content without any hassle. It offers a decentralized maintenance option that enables you to edit from anywhere, based on the user rights assigned to you.

TigernixCMS largely reduces training time and effort with its simple and user-friendly interface and features. It opens way for dynamic content such as polls, forums and searches. The most important and useful feature of TigernixCMS is that it allows you to design a common and consistent information architecture making your website standardized and aesthetic.

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TigernixCMS Features

  • Easy and organized content management.
  • Dynamic form builders.
  • Business or organizational directories.
  • Document management.
  • Image and multimedia galleries.
  • E-commerce and shopping cart engines.
  • Forums and chat software.
  • Calendars.
  • Blogging software.
  • Directory services.
  • Email newsletters.
  • Data collection and reporting tools.
  • Banner advertising systems.
  • Subscription services.

TigernixCMS offers customers an economic yet professional CMS.

Why is TigernixCMS the right choice for you?

There are more than one compelling reasons for you to choose TigernixCMS.

Own your content: With TigernixCMS you can own your site and content. The easy UI and the user- friendly features enable you to add, modify, and delete content easily; and upgrade the site when needed. With various levels of access authorization, you can effectively manage the updating and editing rights for different users.

Secure content and communication: TigernixCMS stores your information in a single database and allows you to manage user rights and easily restricts random access to your content. Thus the information is only accessible through the CMS; that means perfect protection for your site.

Save your money: TigernixCMS almost instantly cuts down the cost involved in maintaining your site. An easy CMS with complete features is a cost-effective solution for any organization.