TigernixHMS - Hotel Management System

Hotel Management systems that are prone to be limited to basic capabilities are challenged and replaced by TigernixHMS: a fully-fledged HMS to elevate hotel management efforts.
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About TigernixHMS - Hotel Management System

Hospitality industry never goes out of style. New hotels, cuisines, software, and almost every facility keeps evolving and emerging.

Singapore being the hub of many tourists, the hotel industry is always growing and thriving. Hotels are always looking for new solutions and newer features that make them niche in the market.

TigernixHMS is a new-age Hotel Management System that automates and manages your hotel’s processes completely and end-to-end. By utilizing technology, you can execute tasks quickly and easily. Tigernix’s Hotel Management System include modules such as sales management, accounting and financial management, room-booking, housekeeping, human resource management, restaurant management and more.

TigernixHMS can be tailored just for you, to suit your hotel’s operations and culture. TigernixHMS is built especially for budget hotels, boutique hotels and smaller hotels.

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Why is TigernixHMS the right choice for you?

The best features have been blended together for a perfect mix of HMS. Highly-customizable and very futuristic in nature, TigernixHMS has several benefits for your business.

Business growth and profit gain through automation: TigernixHMS allows hoteliers to save time and increase efficiency in their functions through features that are intelligent and receptive. Every division is connected for faster task delegation, monitoring, and create better lines of communication. With the use of the detailed features for all users, you can track all tasks and update them instantly hereby providing transparency for the employees, management and a better experience for guests.

Easy to use software for everyone: Hotel employees are always rushing against time. There are tasks to attend to even before they serve the guests’ requests. TigernixHMS addresses this exact nature of the industry by designing an extremely user-friendly solution that is very easy to use.

Staff can record details in no time, tack information in a glance, and close the loop in a click.

Profit through efficiency: TigernixHMS increases your business efficiency 100 percent. There’s no time lag or hindrance. This means that your efficiency and productivity is directly converted to profit. Your efficient process will not only bring you returning customers, but also many new guests.