Hotel Management Module: Finance and Accounting Management

This is a vital module that you can easily integrate to your TigernixHMS to get the efficacy of handling and multi-managing financial and accounting tasks of fiscal years of your hotel.

TigernixSMS offers you Finance and Accounting management module that helps you manage your hotel’s finance and accounting processes, since it the integral part of hotel business. Using this module you can generate important financial reports such as balance sheet by integrating with the hotel administration module. This integration reduces errors and ensures that all information is up-to-date.

Your business doesn’t need separate bookkeeping software to keep records of transactions. The module handles multiple currencies that can accommodate foreign guests who require Singapore dollars.

As this is web-based accounting software, staff with internet access can view and access records from anywhere. Laborious tasks such as invoice generation are a lot easier as you can set billing invoice templates in your system.

Basic Functions

  • Management of general, analytic and auxiliary accounts.
  • Multilevel charts without limit on codes or levels.
  • Management of virtual accounts
  • Ability to work on several fiscal years at the same time.
  • Management of partial closure.

Seized accountancy

  • 5 modes of entry: by documents, quick entry in list mode, models, subscription.
  • Automation of counterparts and taxes: by account, by partner or by products.
  • Entries automatically created thanks to the integration of the other modules of ERP.


  • Automatic description, VAT computation, automatic due-date computation, automatic counterparts, third party payments management, balance and creation of accounts while creating entries.
  • Tailored models entries.
  • 100% Keyboard interaction.

Third-party management

  • Multilevel plans without any limit.
  • Mass mailing, mass SMS send.
  • Custom and multilevel follow-ups and payment terms.


  • Manual check of bank accounts.
  • Generation of reconciliation accounts
  • Automatic reconciliation by accounts or in real time: 9 level of computation.


  • Unlimited currencies.
  • Multiple units of measure and automated conversions.
  • Multi-companies with their respective architecture.
  • Simultaneous multi-users thanks to the client/server mode.
  • Multiple general and analytic charts.
  • Management of Double unit measures.

Numerous Controls

  • Precise rights management thanks to the possibility to define multiple company levels, groups, users and roles.
  • Control entries at the account, journals or products level.

Integration of modules

  • Completely integrated to the other modules
  • Management by project integrated with the analytical accounting (Timesheet).
  • Automated general and analytic imputations: Stock movement, production, and such
  • Several logics of automated invoice creation.

Financial Reports

  • Balance, ledgers, accounting journals, bill books, reminder, …
  • Preliminary state of VAT declaration.
  • Balance sheet, Income statement and intermediate balance of management.
  • Comparative multi-exercises
  • Intra-company and intra stats declaration.
  • Analytic state, budgetary state, reporting state, Cash control.
  • Customization and creation of personalized documents


  • Multilevel analytic plans and unlimited journals
  • Validation of unlimited and automated accounting moves according to numerous criteria
  • Interrogations and editions
  • Control of Cost system, management by business and interaction with projects, time sheet, sales and purchases, and production.
  • Support of analytical OD


  • Unlimited budgets on products, charges, stock or treasuries.
  • Wizard to create notations.
  • Budgetary reports

Total Flexibility

  • All forms are customizable (invoice templates, entries, list, reports, search and more)
  • Management of rights and user’s menu.
  • Remote access through Internet.
  • Ability to configure processes and alerts.
  • Integrated request system.

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