Retail Point of Sales Module (POS System)

The TigernixPOS package is a perfect digital solution for businesses residing in the Retail industry, for it streamlines retail business processes coherently and productively.

TigernixPOS is one of the best known POS systems in Singapore, especially for the retail market. It has easy-to-use features and simple functions to enable quick and efficient work.

The POS software comprises features such as inventory, data segregation, analytics, order management, finance and accounting making it a wholesome POS.

The system consists of the following features:

POS functions

  • Management of point of sales orders, deliveries and payments.
  • Management of customer’s contract, price list
  • Follow-up of orders

POS Orders

  • Management of delivery addresses, invoice and order.
  • Management of receipts and sales policy 
  • Templates and rapid copies of order
  • Control of customer’s preference
  • Refund order management

POS Order lines

  • Automatic calculation of delivery delays, stock, price.
  • ‘Scanning of products
  • Discount per items
  • Management of double units of measure to the order.
  • Total discount management
  • Management of consolidated sales.


  • Numerous logics of delivery / invoicing 
  • Auto-invoicing from Point of Sales

Price list

  • Rebate management in multi-level cascade.
  • Management of limited prices.
  • Customer’s preferences and contracts.
  • Numerous flexible methods for calculation of the sales price.
  • Membership price list management

Quick visibility

  • Advanced functions of reporting for quick decision making.
  • Zoom on future stock, cost price, orders and customer’s events


  • Multiple delivery scales.
  • Configurable price by weight, by volume, by price or others.
  • Different logistics of delivery 
  • Management of customer’s preferences.


  • Partial payment
  • Different states of payment
  • Management of different payment modes
  • History, traceability of actions.

Follow-up and control

  • Complete history of states.
  • Invoice management
  • Control, automation and planning of deliveries.
  • Delivery and/or invoice by order line is possible.
  • Computerized scheduler.
  • Last Transactions management


  • Management of variants and models.
  • Numerous configurations are possible.


  • Multi-shops
  • Multi-warehouse.
  • Multi-lingual.
  • Multi-delivery and price list.


  • Reminder function based on the customer’s preference.
  • Quick zoom on related links.
  • Functions of ‘click and relate’ easy navigation.


  • EDI module for electronic orders, invoices and deliveries.
  • Integration with the customer invoice and finance module
  • Integration with the stock control of stock and tasks follow-up…


  • POS Sales of the day 
  • POS Sales of the month 
  • All the sales 
  • All Sales List Details 
  • Sales lines Report
  • System of creation of your personalized reports via OpenOffice.
  • Integration with Excel and Word.

Total Flexibility

  • All the screens are customizable (seizure, lists, states, search and more)
  • Fine management of rights and user’s menu.
  • Possible adaptation of all the resources of the enterprise.
  • Direct access through the Internet.
  • Process configuration and possible alerts.
  • Integrated request system.
  • Extensible via numerous optional modules.
  • Personalized process.

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