Online Warranty Management Portal Module (POS System)

Maximise the effectiveness of warranty management and build unshaken client trust through Online Warranty Management Portal Module- the best tool to streamline warranty management

TigernixPOS offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module exclusively for the retail market. This unique module allows you to manage communication and processes for retail outlets, walk-in-customers, online customers and suppliers.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is comprehensive and efficiently manages all the tasks that are covered within your retail business process. This also allows you to work on important offline tasks, while our system intelligently tracks and manages the rest.

This module is further customizable to match finer details of your business and also integrates with other relevant modules.

The system consists of the following features: CRM Functions
  • Retail Sales management
  • Help Desk functions
  • Management of customers events
  • Planning of tasks
  • Follow-up of commercial acts
Sales opportunities
  • Estimation of costs and incomes
  • Follow-up of opportunities by customer, by sector and such.
  • Planning, control and scheduling of meetings.
  • Numerous filters possible for search and database analysis
  • Simple re-allotment of opportunities(to commercial, to another service, in the line)
  • Integrated alerts systems
  • Events history
  • Management of attached documents
  • Possible integration with the web forms Integration through XMLRPC
Help desk
  • Follow-up and allotment of requests
  • Classification of problems
  • Centralized events in the partners chart.
  • Control of working hours
  • History of interventions
  • Hierarchical classification of partners with their heritage of rights.
  • Manual and/or automatic classification.
  • Automated segmentation based on 3 criteria; sales, purchases or state of mind.
  • Mailing tool
  • Automatic sending of SMS
  • Mass-mailing system
The events
  • Automated or manual client events
  • Allocating events
  • Search and filters on the events
  • Subscription management tool
  • “Audit Trail” module to control user’s action by resource or group.
  • System of customer or supplier contract management
  • Flexible price list
  • Centralized management of all the contacts; customer, supplier, prospect, and employees
  • Contact’s address book of contacts
  • Hierarchical structure of companies
  • Complex relation module between the partners
  • Productivity
  • Analysis module for user’s productivity; encodings, sales, meetings and more
  • Draft invoice
  • Drafting of developed module, bill of quantities
  • Parameterization of paragraphs
  • Multi-companies, groups, users
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multiple communication facility
  • Quick zoom
  • Click and relate function for easy navigation
  • Auto-completion of fields
  • Partner’s preference management system
  • Integration of events from mails (pop)
  • Integration with Outlook (iCAL)
  • Import / Export through Excel of nomadic scripts
  • Estimate in PDF or Word (MS or OpenOffice) for modification
  • Complete integration with the other modules; HR, management of projects and tasks, sales and purchases
  • Sales pipeline (prevision of sales and future costs)
  • Daily or monthly sales, cumulated or non cumulated
  • System of creation of your personalized reports through OpenOffice.
  • Integration with Excel and Word
Total Flexibility
  • All the screens are customizable (seizure, lists, states, search…)
  • System support view on iPad, iPhone and android phone
  • Multilingual and multi-companies support
  • Management of rights and user’s menu.
  • Direct access through Internet.
  • Process configuration and possible alerts.
  • Integrated request system.
  • Extensible via numerous optional modules
  • Personalized process

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