TigernixTRM - Talent Recruitment Management System

Gain the advantage of attracting and recruiting the most skilful talents to your labour force with a smart digital solution. TigernixTRM soothes your recruitment processes efficiently.
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About TigernixTRM - Talent Recruitment Management System

TigernixTRM is an applicant tracking software that automates the entire recruitment process, tracks applications, and helps you recruit the right candidates online.

TigernixTRM is specially designed for recruitment agencies and simplifies the work of hiring agencies and consultants. The system can track applications and interviews with strict privacy policies. Our online job application portal software allows applicants to submit their resume on line.

Consultants and human resources staff can access complex details on candidates with ease and speed. The details are segregated and stored in an organized way for quick retrieval.

In addition, TigernixTRM provides back-end operations like Sales transaction management, Terms of Sales (TOS) or Terms of Business (TOB) management with rotation of clients assignment. Our online e-recruitment system provides various alerts to the consultants, candidates and customers. You can customize other additional alerts such as for interviews, birthdays, meeting reminders and such.

TigernixTRM comes bundled with finance and accounting system that offers full GST reports, Tax, aging reports etc.

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TigernixTRM Features

TigernixTRM software consists of the following modules:

TigernixTRM has every feature that you look for while automating your recruitment process. With the many advantages of TigernixTRM, you can not only strengthen your recruitment processes but also attract and hire quality candidates.

Why is TigernixTRM the right choice for you?

Recruitment and other HR services are time consuming and involve many layers of tasks. TigernixTRM is the perfect answer to such a scenario. It’s advantages are many; makes processes faster, easier, and clearer.

Simple streamlining of application process: Recruitment process is a careful and lengthy one. In addition to the numerous rounds of processes and there are loads of paperwork, names, addresses, backgrounds checks, and more. TigernixTRM is a single platform with a resourceful single database that provides all the information needed instantly.

Cuts administrative costs and increases ROI: TigernixTRM has features that address all levels of tasks in recruitment and logically presents data in specific reports. Everything from interacting with the candidates, managing data, and handling other administrative duties are made easy and quick ultimately cutting the time and cost of those tasks.

Improves quality of hiring: TigernixTRM is an intelligent and dynamic application tracking software. It helps you set standards and qualifications that enable you to recognise ideal candidates and hire them easily. It drastically simplifies the process in which candidates are hired by automating the entire process and finally helps in successful recruitment.