TRM Module: Candidates Online Registration Management

Candidates Online Registration Management is a digital web-based division in TigernixTRM to facilitate interested job seekers to apply for the job positions of your company conveniently.

TigernixTRM offers Candidates Online Registration Management module that is a seamless platform where candidates can register and upload their resumes online. Candidates can schedule and check their interviews online. Consultants can add their comments to the submitted resumes of candidates and track the process of the candidate resume.

The candidate online registration management module has the following features:

Basic functions

  • Capture candidate’s online details
  • Select job preference 
  • Check job description
  • Capture job experiences
  • External users management
  • Calendar functions


  • Traceability per candidate on all documents
  • Trail audit module for control and reporting student operations


  • With existing web 2.0 portal
  • With candidate particulars module
  • With the job order module


  • Data exportable to excel for analysis 
  • External user log details
  • Source of candidate details.


  • Quick zoom on related links
  • Functions of ‘click and relate’ for easy navigation
  • Edition of services in list mode (Excel or OOCalc)
  • Auto-completion of fields