What are the cutting-edge fundraising techniques charities using?

Without fundraisers, no non-profit organization can survive. Because without consistent donation flow it’s not possible to manage the resources towards supporting the prominent cause of the organization.

Over the years, donor behaviours have evolved just as your organization.  Therefore, the old-time fundraising techniques won’t bring you much of results today. Now the time has come to adopt cutting-edge fundraising techniques to make it appealing to modern day donors’ mindset. 

Here’s a list of fundraiser techniques you should consider adopting for your next fundraiser for effective results.

Brand Awareness: 
Building a brand is never an easy task as it takes a lot of time, thinking, effort and money. Yet branding is an essential factor in building trust and confidence among your donors and increasing the tendency to complete transactions.

Add your logo to all your images and other content. Use your brand colours and typography on every landing page and content.   

Conveying emotions to touch your donor’s soft spots is a very effective way to make people take actions. Thus, storytelling can be very powerful in fundraisings.

Use compelling images, emotional content that shows the impact your organization is making and how his or her donation can add to the impact.

Be personalized: 
Getting personalised with your donors as much as you can help you build strong relationships that will last long.

Do segmented campaigns for more effective results such as to avoid donors who’ve already donated. Send personalized ‘Thank you’ notes and make other messages personalized as much as you can. You can use an email marketing software to craft simple yet effective personalised messages easily. 

Go mobile
Mobile consumption is vigorously increasing, so as mobile fund transactions. Which is why you should pay attention to make all your campaigns mobile friendly.

Launch mobile promotional campaigns. Make your website and other campaign pages mobile friendly. Adopt mobile wallet payment methods so your donors can complete transactions right from their phone. 

Inbound marketing
Marketing plays a huge roll in fundraisings. Apart from traditional marketing methods using modern day inbound marketing methods will help you appeal more to your donors and receive a higher ROI as it does in other industry as many don’t please with traditional marketing practices like TV ads.

Start blogging. Learn how to use social media to market your cause. Get a website with good SEO.

Progress and transparency
Letting your donors know where their money is going and the impact your organization makes with the help of the donors can be a powerful trigger that can make people want to donate more.

Find ways to share your progress and the impact you are making regularly with your donors. 

Today with modern technology, transferring money no longer need writing checks and bank visits. Now you can do fund transfers right from your home sitting in front of your monitor which will process in real-time.

Adopt such technologies to offer your donors with flexible and hassle-free options. For this, you can offer online payment methods such as PayPal, Google Checkout and Stripe and signup with crowdfunding sites.

Once you utilize the right fundraising techniques that work with modern day donors in the right way, you’ll notice an increase in donations in a more consistent manner. Try the above cutting-edge fundraising techniques in your next fundraising campaign and see the results for yourself.