TigernixCareConnect - The Most Resilient Elder Care App in Singapore

Adopt a robust solution that removes space for miscommunication and provides each family member with a personalised experience by keeping them in the loop 24/7 with TigernixCareConnect- the all-in-one end-to-end communication app for Singapore’s Senior Care Centres.

About TigernixCareConnect

Are you ready to eliminate communication bottlenecks and build and maintain a cordial relationship between the caregivers and the family members of your residents? Join Tigernix to learn how TigernixCareConnect- Singapore’s trending home care software solution- to address and eliminate such drawbacks and optimise your overall functions.

Universal Nursing Home Management System Integration

TigernixCareConnect can be easily integrated with other systems in your senior care home. For example, this solution is easily compatible with any Charity Management System allowing nursing homes to sync the information embedded in the solution with the app so that it has the most recent information.

Reactive Emergency Responses

TigernixCareConnect allows the residents’ overall health to be prioritised. From having accurate medical records to ensuring each resident’s daily medical needs are met, be the first to address any changes in the sleeping patterns or concerns of seniors while informing family members.

Senior Profile Management

Tigernix guarantees that the resident repository is updated in real-time. Nursing homes can thus manage multiple medical, dietary, financial and other sensitive information of elders in your home, constantly updating them to ensure the most reliable and accurate data is available.

Advanced Tracking and Reporting

Track the progress of each resident’s well-being and receive hidden insights through the auto generated reports provided by TigernixCareConnect. Through this, the nursing staff can detect health diseases at their earliest stages and take prompt action to prevent them from worsening.

Optimising Nurse Responsibilities

Effortlessly streamline all roles and responsibilities of the nursing staff, who must monitor and look into multiple senior residents on a daily basis. With a click of a button, update and maintain cordial relations with each resident's family members easily.

An Integrated Platform for Collaboration

Tigernix Elder Care encourages caregivers and families to liaise and collaborate. Both parties can now Interactively communicate, send important notices, directly address concerns individually or in groups, and streamline the process of getting the family member's consent in cases of emergencies.

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TigernixConnectCare Features

TigernixCareConnect is a solution that not only addresses the lack of communication and maintenance of relationships between nursing staff and residents’ family members but also contributes towards the optimisation of overall functions. This is done by the multifaceted functions embedded within the app for administrators, nursing staff and family members of elderly residents to ensure secure, interactive and reliable communications are carried out.

Announcement Management

TigernixCareConnect dispatches important notices to resident family members and caretakers in charge of them in an efficient manner. This feature, therefore, ensures that announcements are made on time and also guarantees that they are read by the relevant parties.

Well-being Management

Well-being Management

Nursing staff can unlock various hidden insights through this feature, be it in terms of assessing family member engagement, resident behaviour, and overall health performance. Also, find out other symptoms, triggers and factors that positively or negatively affect resident psychology.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Nursing staff can unlock various hidden insights through this feature, be it in terms of assessing family member engagement, resident behaviour, and overall health performance. Also, find out other symptoms, triggers and factors that positively or negatively affect resident psychology.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Easy-to-Use Interface

Nursing staff and family members of residents can communicate and collaborate in a private social media-like environment. This feature encourages loved ones to maximise engagement by reacting, commenting, resharing and posting milestones, updates and announcements on the timeline.

Behaviour and Activity Tracking

Behaviour and Activity Tracking

Nursing staff can monitor the movement of residents in real-time, allowing them to easily respond to emergency protocols in situations of sudden falls, for instance. This feature also helps to track sleeping patterns and allows customised behaviour profiles to be made.

Digital Document Management

Digital Document Management

Manage important and sensitive documents by storing them in a secure encrypted cloud. This feature ensures consent forms are handled with care and that all data is protected with layers of security protocols, guaranteeing everything remains private.

Reliable Financial Management

Reliable Financial Management

This feature handles and optimises all aspects related to finances, be it in terms of providing a secure online gateway for payments, auto generating receipts, sending reminders to make fees, and sending high-priority notifications when charges are increased.

Emergency Notification Handler

Emergency Notification Handler

Where residents face emergencies, this feature allows the nurse to update their progress to their family on the go. Send a quick direct message, SMS, email or in-app notification, depending on which mode of text the relevant party is most comfortable with.

Membership Analytics Module

Family Engagement Analytics

This feature provides insights related to resident family member engagement with the nursing home. Nursing staff use such information to ensure residents do not feel lonely and to remind their family members to keep in touch with them amidst their schedules.

Nurse-Resident Family Interactions

Caregiver and Senior Family Interaction

To improve interactions between stakeholders, Tigernix offers a range of sub-features like nurse-seniors’ family communication log, conference scheduling, and multi-family and resident management, all under one platform. In essence, this feature offers multiple ways to smoothen communication and collaboration.

Automate Administrative Tasks

Automate Administrative Tasks

TigernixCareConnect offers an exclusive toolkit to assist nurses in their daily responsibilities. This includes storing and organising residents into categories, adding reminders and to-do lists, scheduling meetings with families when needed and more. In short, this feature makes managing multiple residents much easier.

Comprehensive Resident Profiles

Comprehensive Resident Profiles

This feature allows nurses to make a holistic assessment of each resident. A dedicated profile is created for each registered resident that comprehensively and reliably details their most recent personal information, emergency contacts, family members, medical history, and all related information.

System Configuration/Customisation

Nursing homes can customise this app according to their specific needs. Hence, easily add or reduce any number of sub-features designed into the app based on whether it is applicable to the type of requirements the resident needs.

Events Management

Interactive Event Calendar

Glance over the calendar to gain a visual representation of important aspects related to each resident. This includes a reflection of other sub-features, such as the visitor's log and marks special days that require the presence of family members.

Why TigernixCareConnect?

TigernixCareConnect upgrades nursing homes by offering a robust, multifaceted assisted living application that simplifies communication between the nursing staff and family members of residents whilst assisting the former to simplify complicated operations. This intricately engineered and designed app with multiple unique features which can be customised and can guarantee that nursing-resident family relations are improved in the long term.
Stay Updated Anytime, Anywhere

TigernixCareConnect can be accessed all day, every day, despite one’s geographical location allowing residents' families to stay connected with the home care experts via their phones, who can easily keep them informed.

Encourage Family Engagement

The app constantly encourages family engagement through its interactive interface, pushing notifications to each party, incentivising them to click through the app and react to status posted on the timeline..

Optimise Financial Operations

TigernixCareConnect offers various advantages for both parties in terms of finances. Online fee management, collection, expense tracking, financial reporting and budget tools are a few exclusive features that can be availed.

Win Over Family Trust

As TigernixCareConnect advocates for timely communication between nurses and family members whilst guaranteeing real-time behaviour tracking of residents, nursing homes will have no problem winning over family trust in their services.

Prioritise the Well-Being of Residents

Nurses can effectively ensure all their attention is centred on the well-being of each resident when their administrative tasks are optimised with the help of TigernixCareConnect.

Manage Residents Holistically

TigernixCareConnect is a unique platform that addresses communication gaps between parties. From interacting to reacting to announcements, milestones, and other important events posted on the timeline, the app enables a holistic way for families to engage actively

No Room for Errors

TigernixCareConnect acts as one single source of truth. All information included and recorded in the platform is reliable and accessible to all nurses thereby ensuring no errors occur when caregivers change their shifts daily.

Secure Data Storage

The app guarantees all information in the system is protected with layers of security protocols and also adheres to data protection regulations in Singapore. The privacy of residents and their family members is thus rest assured.