TigernixPMS - Project Management System

Project activities are now made too easy by TigernixPMS- the finest Project Management System ever to be made known in Singapore. It’s a customisable modular solution for your team.
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About TigernixPMS - Project Management System

Project management is as critical as the project itself. It’s mandatory for organizations to have the best Project Management software to meticulously manage projects until successful completion.

TigernixProject is a Project Management system, better than the best, proven for its exceptional capabilities, and is just what you need! It is web-based and is designed uniquely for interior designers, architects and construction companies.

It consists of the Project Customer Relationship Management software, Project Finance and Account Management, Project Human Resource Management, Inventory Management, Purchase Management, Budgeting Management, Costing Management and Estimation, and Document Management for after-sales support.

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TigernixPMS Features

TigernixProject offers interior design/construction businesses with the following programs:

When you have best in the industry, why wait? Organize your time, cost, and projects effectively with TigernixProject.

Why is TigernixPMS the right choice for you?

With TigernixProject, your organization can efficiently manage large and complex projects, thereby cutting cost and time.

Meticulous planning and scheduling: TigernixProject helps you with careful planning of tasks, assigning them to team members, setting priorities for every task completion, and deadlines for all tasks.

This helps you in understanding the tasks delegated, work in progress, tasks completed and the new tasks in line. The task deadline notification helps you keep a tab on the completion.

Quick communication and transparent collaboration: Large project teams are of different levels of interactions and collaboration. TigernixProject gives you easy and transparent access to work and communication, making the process simple and fast.

Organized document management: Managing project data in excel is laborious and chaotic. Data gets missed as much as errors creep in. TigernixProject is a comprehensive project management tool that manages documents and data in an organized fashion. A good reporting system generates customized and insightful reports for all the data you need.

Manage resources and budget: TigernixProject is an efficient budget management tool. It also helps in manage in resources very well. It tracks your expenses and provides quick and clear reporting on the budget performance too.