TigernixEduConnect - Parent-Teacher Communication App

Employ the ultimate all-in-one solution to seamlessly handle all parental communication and engagement under a single multifaceted screen with TigernixEduConnect.

About TigernixEduConnect

Are you ready to say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple channels and welcome a streamlined, efficient approach to parent-teacher relationships? Join Tigernix to learn more about TigernixEduConnect – Singapore’s number one multifaceted parent-teacher communication app.

Universal School Management System Integration

The School Management System Integration Tools sync the app to any existing school system to ensure access to up-to-date and accurate information. Your school can reap all benefits of a fully integrated system to meet operational excellence.

Reactive Emergency Responses

TigernixEduConnect App prioritises the safety and health of your students. It allows teachers and parents to be updated on student health histories, prescriptions, medication routines, psychological concerns and more in case of any emergencies.

Student Master Profile Management

Allow your teachers to have a real-time updated repository of student information. It is a powerful tool that helps educational institutions manage their students' information effectively and efficiently, leading to improved student outcomes.

Advanced Tracking and Reporting

Effortlessly track students' progress in classes and extracurricular activities and determine whether their performance has improved from the previous week. You will receive notifications whenever they reach significant achievements and automate reports too.

A Unified Platform for Collective Goals

Tigernix provides a unified platform for teacher-parent communication, allowing schools to send crucial notices and announcements to teachers through the application. It also enables parent contact and ensures that they have seen the message.

Optimising Teacher Overseeing

Streamline communication between teachers and parents of multiple students across different classrooms on a single platform. Special meetings can be scheduled in advance, and parents can accept or reschedule them with a click of a button.

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TigernixEduConnect Features

TigernixEduConnect is a powerful software solution designed to help educational institutions manage their student-centric operations efficiently. It offers a range of features that simplify tasks for administrators, teachers, and parents alike, to ensure a well-secured, quality and promising education journey for all students.

Accomplishment Sharing Tools

The Accomplishment Sharing Tools allow teachers to share updates on their students' academic progress, extracurricular activities, and achievements with parents and also notify their presence or absences in school events.

Announcement Management

Allows teachers to send important announcements to parents and staff members quickly and easily. This feature makes creating and sending announcements easy, ensuring that respective parents receive timely and relevant information.

Attendance Management

A powerful tool for teachers to manage student attendance effectively by marking attendance for their classes and tracking students who are absent or late, and even maintaining attention on people who drop off or pick up students at relevant times.

Class Social Media Platform

Allows teachers and parents to communicate and collaborate within a private social media-like environment. This platform provides a secure and controlled space for class discussions, sharing ideas, and posting updates and announcements on a timeline.

Financial Management

The financial management module is designed to streamline financial operations in educational institutions and provide greater control and visibility over the financial transactions of your education centre efficiently.

Grades/Activity Trackers

Tigernix EduConnect's grade and activity tracking features help teachers and parents stay informed about student progress, attendance, activities, homework, grades and provide timely feedback and support while keeping respective parents on the loop.

Homework Assignment Management

Permit teachers to create, assign, and track homework assignments more efficiently by attaching relevant documents, videos, and links, making it easier for parents to supervise their children to complete their homework.

Parent-Teacher Communication Log

Smoothly facilitate communication and collaboration between parents and teachers, including several sub-features, like Parent-Teacher Communication Log, Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduling, and Multi-Parent and Student Management.

Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduling

Parents can log into the app and select a suitable date and time for a conference with their child's teacher. The app automatically sends an invitation to the teacher, who can then accept, decline, or suggest an alternative date and time.

Personalised Notifications And Chat

The personalised notification feature allows teachers to send notifications to specific groups or individuals, such as a particular class or individual parents, about events, assignments, or any other important information.

Student Health History

Allows parents and teachers to keep track of a student's medical history, allergies, and other health-related information. This information is stored securely in the app and can be accessed by the child's teacher if necessary.

Analytics and Reporting

Teachers can utilise this tool to generate reports and analytics based on various metrics, such as student attendance, academic performance, parent engagement and student behaviour. It bolsters effective and success-guaranteed decision-making.

Content Management Portals

Teachers can create and share customised lesson plans, assignments, and assessments by uploading and managing their educational content, while parents can access the content through their personalised student accounts.

Parent Engagement Analytics

Enables schools to track how often parents are accessing the app, which features they are using, and the frequency and nature of their communication with teachers to enhance the parent-teacher partnership.

Privacy Settings Assurance

Adopt the latest data protection and privacy laws and regulations to ensure that user data is processed lawfully, transparently, and fairly. The app also employs industry-standard security measures to protect against data mismanagement.

Student Master Profiles

Get a comprehensive view of each student's academic progress, health history, portfolios and extracurricular activities using the well-detailed and integrative master profile archive enabled by the TigernixEduConnect app for faster information retrieval.

System Configuration/Customisation

Delivers schools with the flexibility to customise the system to meet their specific needs. This feature includes several sub-features, including coordinating multiple Teacher/Parent User Profiles with respective student master profiles.

User Management

This feature enables schools to add and remove users, such as teachers, students, and parents, from the app. Schools can also assign user roles and permissions, allowing them to control what features and information users can access.

Why TigernixEduConnect?

TigernixEduConnect revolutionises the education sector by providing an all-in-one solution that simplifies complex teacher-parent tasks and streamlines student management operations in educational institutions. This cutting-edge solution has been specifically designed to address the unique needs of the student-centric education industry by enabling a safe, quality and parent-engaging academic strategy for students to get their education.
Sensitive Information Privatisation

Robust measures are implemented to adhere to data protection regulations strictly; so that student, parent or teacher information will not be misused accidentally or fraudulently by any unpermitted party.

Enforce Parent Engagement

TigernixEduConnect provides a comprehensive platform that allows parents to stay informed and engaged in their child's progress, making it easy for them to track their child's academic achievements, attendance records, and behaviour patterns.

Non-Specific Location and Time Access

TigernixEduConnect allows you to access student information and media anytime, anywhere, making it easy for teachers and parents to stay connected by managing student records, assignments, academic assessments, and attendance records all in one place.

Unique Parent-Teacher Experience

This app allows teachers and parents to interact and react to child accomplishments, complaints, achievements, and other important events using a social media platform-like timeline, enabling a unique way for parents to actively engage with student progress.

Comprehensive and Interactive Student Management

TigernixEduConnect is a comprehensive and interactive solution for student management that streamlines administrative tasks, enhances learning experiences, and improves communication between teachers, students, and parents.

Streamlining Financial Operations

Use the online fee management, automated fee collection, expense tracking, financial reporting and budget forecasting tools integrated into this app to ensure that all parents are aware of their payment histories and due payments on time.

Earn Valued Parental Trust

With timely communication, value-adding student performance tracking, secured access to students' or students’ milestones and efficient online payment portals, your students' parents will have undying trust in the quality of your education services.

Student-centred Support Environments

Allows teachers to get the needful insights in personalised academic support, mental health and wellness checks, academic journey planning based on student's unique talents, creating peer support networks and more while ensuring parent engagement,.