TigernixPredictive - Asset Predictive Analytics System

A fully-versed solution to keep your company’s assets efficiently and flawlessly running surpassing all asset-centric risks. Adopt TigernixPredictive- the best asset predictive analytics solution in Singapore’s market.
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About TigernixPredictive

The spread of assets of your company can create ripples of detrimental aftereffects. Hence, the severity of this disadvantage, Tigernix have introduced TigernixPredictive- the most competent Asset Predictive Analytics Software in Singapore. TigernixPredictive adopts modern technology to keep your assets up and running 24/7 without resulting in expensive downtimes, over-budgeted asset allocation, irresponsive maintenance services or faulty asset failure predictions TigernixPredictive can be effortlessly introduced as the end to all hardships of your asset managers! Our solution enables your corporate assets to be unfailingly assessed to detect any anomaly and collect insightful KPIs to optimise their remaining life cycles to capture the best performance levels. Use this solution to understand the decay rates of your assets to schedule maintenance check-ups at the right time- giving you the most reliable risk management tools ever to be accommodated in an asset maintenance solution. Our solution will save your time and money by overlooking needless servicing or unproductive asset replacements while ensuring that your production processes are fluidly streamlining in your factories or sites. TigernixPredictive is simply an all-inclusive solution to fix all managerial and operational limitations in asset-intensive organisations under one glass pane.

TigernixPredictive advantages

Main advantages that you can wield from TigernixPredictive to promote your asset managerial efforts to be excellent and reliable.

Dynamic Degradation Curve

TigernixPredictive houses well-tested degradation curves to illustrate the decaying rates of your dynamic asset spread based on their current conditions. This proprietary tool is scalable to the most granular level to assist asset custodians to better understand asset decaying patterns.

Cutting-edge OEE improvement

TigernixPredictive undoubtedly plays a vital role in attaining Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in your manufacturing sites, since this solution assesses the availability and performance of all factory assets scientifically.

Have high reliability on Assets

TigernixPredictive have the tendency to prioritise critical assets and display how reliable their functioning would be. This way your company can rely on your existing asset spread scientifically while supervising critical assets.

Reduces asset-centric expenses

The cost incurred for unsure preventive maintenance check-ups, over-budgeting asset replacement expenses and expenses in asset infrastructure optimisation can all be controlled.

The best predictive advantage

TigernixPredictive provides you with well-tested predictive technology to determine the conditions of assets and the number of asset failures that your company must gear up to face in the coming years (5-10 years)

Undeniable security measures

Security Protocols accommodated in TigernixPredictive to ensure identification and authentication for user access to avoid fraudulent data handling. Access rights and data sharing capabilities can be limited to a granular level.

Proactive Diagnostic Services

By feeding historical data and collecting real-time data, TigernixPredictive smartly predicts any asset underperformance or any anomaly in asset performances proactively. This way, you can be aware of all the dire performances of your assets and request support proactively.

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TigernixPredictive Features

Why is TigernixPredictive the right choice for you?

Cut down expensive maintenance costs

TigernixPredictive precisely predicts the maintenance expenses and the pace of receiving services appropriately with a prewired ‘Service Delivery Model’. You will have access to the most-efficient budgets for your maintenance cycles.

Complete visibility of asset management spectrum

As our dashboards will provide you with visualisation elements to monitor the current statuses of your assets, you will easily ensure that all required assets are available and that they are not idling due to mismanagement.

Be well-versed about actual asset performances

Asset Managers can use this scientific digital solution to equip a user-friendly interface to compare and contrast the current stance of the asset performances and their desired levels of performance for a better understanding of the productivity statistics.

Effectually evade expensive, unscheduled downtimes

As this solution provides you with data to keep your asset networks streamline flawlessly, you would not face downtimes that hinder your production efficiencies whatsoever.

Solution Flexibility

TigernixPredictive has amazing flexibility for it can be housed in any asset-heavy cooperation easily. It is accessible on prem or mobile devices either as an in-house software solution or a cloud-based system too. It provides end to end asset management mobility.

Optimised Reporting Capabilities

The asset data captured by TigernixPredictive can be easily structured into reports when pitching asset investments to financial decision-makers to navigate towards better changes faster.

Promote workplace efficiency

With streamlining production flows due to confident asset performances, your workplace’s efficiency will be elevated. You can ensure asset availability and assign resources efficiently, and your employees would not have bad work days due to asset failures.

Confidently allocate assets

Asset Managers will have the opportunity of pre-planning budget allocations based on the scientifically-proven asset insights generated by TigernixPredictive. This strategic platform detects upcoming maintenance costs and predicts wastage-free asset investments with ease.

Analysis of scientifically proven asset data

TigernixPredictive harnesses advanced algorithms to tackle historical and recent asset intelligence to provide you with scientifically proven asset data for better asset-related predictions. It has the propensity to predict the number of failures using long term asset failure predictive tech- typically spanning from 5 to 10 years ahead.

Determine how to improve asset infrastructures

With a better understanding of the most about asset performances, you can redesign your asset infrastructures to ensure that your assets are functioning in the best conditions all the time.

Software Integration and Data sharing

TigernixPredictive can be integrated with your existing software solutions to conveniently share asset data amongst asset custodians and other financial decision makers to optimise their efforts in making the best asset decisions in the company.