TigernixFacility - Facility Management Mobile App

TigernixFacility app revolutionizes facility management in real estate, commercial sectors, factories, and more. Accessible and efficient, it brings comprehensive building management to your fingertips.

About Facility Management App

Are you looking into new ways to streamline the management responsibilities of your facility, from handling assets and scheduling maintenance to ensuring security under one umbrella? Tigernix carefully looked into the obstacles encountered by the facility management authorities in Singapore and uniquely tailored the powerful Tigernix Facility Management Mobile App.
One Comprehensive Glass Pane

TigernixFacility app provides a comprehensive facility overview all-in-one screen. You can effortlessly manage work orders, schedule maintenance, performance, risks and access insightful analytics – all at your fingertips and under one screen.

Greener Tomorrow

It empowers your sustainability initiatives at high levels with robust integrated systems such as compressed air management and carbon emission reactive systems. Utilising this app makes your facility environment an eco-friendlier one.

Heterogeneous Integration

Integrating the TigernixFacility app with other robust systems to detect the various aspects provides a dynamic representation of your facility's structure and systems, which allows facility managers to plan and strategise work accordingly.

Tight Security Measures

Experience unrivalled peace of mind with this straightforward facility management mobile app's tight security measures. Safeguard your facility’s assets, data, clients and operations with robust features to ensure the utmost protection.

Advance Tracking and Reporting

Stay ahead with our facility management mobile app's advanced tracking and reporting capabilities. Effortlessly monitor and analyse key metrics, track maintenance activities, and generate comprehensive reports. It is time to make informed decisions.

All-In-One Universal Platform

Extending the reach of clients from various regions of the world, this covers all facility operations by centralising tasks like asset management, maintenance, security, and more in your own language.

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Facility Management App Features

TigernixFacility is a simplified yet straightforward mobile app that enables facility management authorities to take full control of their facilities and properties through mobile devices. Let’s look into the most distinct features of this facility management app to explore the abundance of functionalities it offers.

Access Control Management

It is no more a concern to take charge of facility security effortlessly with this app’s access control management feature. It tightens the security protocols and maintains a secure environment seamlessly.

Asset Management

Optimising the overall quality of your facility’s assets is no longer a burden. You can effortlessly monitor, track, and maintain equipment and resources in real time, ensuring your facility operates at its best around the clock.

Communication and Notifications

Share updates, set tasks, and receive immediate notifications to stay informed and connected is made convenient now. TigernixFacility ensures that everyone involved is informed about the necessary aspects in real-time.

Document Management

The app streamlines document management, fosters cooperation, and guarantees quick access to crucial information for everything from maintenance records to compliance paperwork taking the burden of handling documentation away from your head.

Energy Management

With this robust feature, you can conveniently monitor, control, and optimise energy usage within your facility. This app supports sustainable operations by scheduling energy-saving initiatives and real-time usage data through mobile devices.

Facility Maintenance Management

Streamline facility upkeep in real-time through this powerful feature. You can effortlessly schedule, track, and manage maintenance tasks, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of assets while ensuring the facility is well-managed.

Health and Safety Compliance

You can easily prioritise the well-being of the tenants and the employees through this robust mobile app in real-time. It empowers you to uphold and track compliance measures within your facility effortlessly.

Integration with IoT Devices

This most advanced function has been integrated into our mobile app, which enables you to easily connect, monitor, and control IoT devices around your property. TigernixFacility is for a more responsive environment within your facility.

Inventory Management

Gain real-time insights into stock levels, track usage, and streamline replenishment processes without barriers. This tool ensures optimal inventory control and minimising wastage, and the necessary stocks are readily available.

Multi-language Support

TigernixFacility offers access in over 70 languages, ensuring effective communication across a diverse range of users while catering to a global audience to optimise the operational background of the facilities through mobile devices.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Plan, schedule, and oversee routine maintenance work with ease to avoid interruptions and expensive repairs. This app makes the early detections of possible threats and provides you with valuable predictions in real-time.

Reporting and Analytics

Now with the TigernixFacility, looking into the different aspects of the facility and making informed decisions through them are highly encouraged. The app presents an outstanding data-driven approach to property management.

Security Management

Enhancing the facility's security environment by proactively overseeing and optimising security protocols is made possible with the app. Since it offers a complete solution to security, a safer environment is guaranteed.

Service Provider/Vendor Management

TigernixFacility offers Seamless management possibilities for vendor information, tracking service requests, and ensuring timely responses. From procurement to communication, this mobile app streamlines vendor collaboration while enhancing effectiveness and efficiency.

Space and Room Booking

TigernixFacility mobile app empowers the ability to effortlessly reserve spaces and rooms, optimising resource allocation within your premises. This feature simplifies the space-allocating process with a few clicks through your mobile device.

Visitor Management

This feature of TigernixFacility makes it simple for facility administrators and property owners to improve security and streamline visitor encounters while effectively registering, tracking, and controlling visits on your property in real-time.

Work Order Management

Empower the employee, handling responsibilities varying from instantly creating, assigning, and tracking work orders with a few taps. This clears the road to ensure efficient task execution through your mobile devices.

Why Facility Management App?

TigernixFacility is a comprehensive mobile app that offers an array of unparalleled benefits uniquely designed to optimise your facility management operations. It is a pinnacle of highly flexible and synchronisable tools to help the process. Have a look at the benefits of this app which take the weight off your shoulders:

Enhanced User Experience

TigernixFacility expands facility management by providing a user-centric approach, enabling effectiveness as well as accuracy for managers to manage every aspect of their facilities. Only a few seconds are required to check everything.

Earn the Confidence of Tenants

By offering a seamless tenant experience, TigernixFacility strengthens client relationships, minimises disruptions, and boosts occupancy rates within your facility, as it is highly enriched with outstanding security measurements and capabilities.

Faster Response Time

Real-time notifications, streamlined workflows, and instant communication functionalities enabled by the mobile app clear the path to rapid resolutions, minimising downtime and enhancing operational agility in your facility management operations.

Inspire Greener Initiatives

As TigernixFacility has been integrated with carbon emission reactivation and compressed air management systems, it allows real-time monitoring and reduced environmental impact while allowing you to adhere to eco-friendly practices.

Optimise Overall Facility Management

This mobile app empowers facility managers to streamline and enhance every facet of their operations. From real-time monitoring to data-driven insights, you can make informed decisions, seamless resource allocation, and proactive issue resolution.

Saving Money

This app can save the money you need to invest in various systems since it comes with various integrated systems; TigernixFacility can give you an overall look into the facility's missions.

Stay Informed Across All Locations

TigernixFacility extends the ability for you to check the condition of all the aspects of your facility, track down maintenance, and schedule them in real-time wherever you are through mobile devices.

A Full Stop to Unexpected Failures

As this can dive into the different aspects of the facility's responsibilities, you no longer need to worry about unexpected downtime or failures. You can take care of the potential threats in advance.